The June To-Do List

YP Editors

Summer getaways are the stuff that fun family memories are made of. Whether you're heading to the beach, mountains, or some other awesome destination, use our pre-trip checklist to make sure you're ready for a hassle-free trip.

Get in a visit to the aquarium and other to-dos for the month.
  1. Take Your Car for a Checkup
    Are your tires properly inflated? Are you up-to-date on oil changes? Before you take off on a summer roadtrip, take your car in for a check-up. You want the stories to be memorable - but not in a broken-down, seized-engine kind of way.
  2. Find a One-Size-Fits-All Hotel
    Need a pool for the kids and a separate room for the adults? Find top-reviewed hotels (ideally pre-vetted by other parents) that are good for both you and the littles.
  3. Book Pet Boarding Early
    Make sure your pets are pampered while you're away. Find a trusted local kennel or pet sitter to take care of your furry family members. Try to do this one as far in advance as possible. Many pet boarding facilities require an advance screening, and book up weeks to months ahead.
  4. Buy Fun Tickets in Advance
    Whether you're thinking theme parks, museums or white-water rafting, plan ahead and make reservations or buy tickets for your vacation adventures in advance. The time and stress (and whining) you save will be almost as priceless as the photo ops
  5. Skip the Airport Scramble
    Vacations are always darkest before the dawn ... usually as you frantically shove that last pair of flops into the least-bulging bag, lug 15 more to the car, and pray you make your flight. Don't you wish you could just magically materialize at the airport? Order an Uber driver to deliver your family -- and all your luggage -- straight to curbside check-in. Your blood pressure will thank you.