Pest Control for Multifamily Units, Retail Companies, Schools, and Office Buildings

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Certain types of pests travel with people and their belongings from place to place. A space in which there are lots of people coming and going can be especially vulnerable for infestation, since every new arrival brings the risk of a pest being introduced to the location.

For this reason, schools, multifamily units, retail operations and office buildings can easily fall prey to pest infestation.

Schools are home to conditions that make them ripe for pest infestation, and this is true whether the facility is a kindergarten for young kids or a learning center for adults. Pests love moist environments, and they may target a school's rest rooms. Pests are also always on the lookout for food, and this may cause them to infest a school's food services area.

Multifamily units can be prone to tenacious pests, such as bed bugs and cockroaches. An infestation can quickly spread from unit to unit.

Retail establishments are often home to rest rooms and cafeterias where employees can enjoy a meal. Both these spaces may be targeted by pests such as rats and mice.

Office buildings sometimes house thousands of employees and cover countless square feet. If an infestation takes hold in this type of environment, it can be difficult to address. The rest rooms and food service areas in office buildings can attract rodents and cockroaches, and there have even been cases in which office spaces have been infested with bed bugs.

Commercial Pest Control Services

If your commercial property has been infested, it can quickly have a negative impact on your business. For this reason, the best approach to take is hiring  a professional exterminator to swiftly address the issue.

The extermination process always begins with a thorough inspection. Your property will be examined for sanitation concerns or structural issues that could be at the root of your pest control dilemma. The exterminator will use this information to decide on the most appropriate pest control approach. For example, if you have a problem with rats and mice, glue traps or snap traps might be strategically placed. If your building is infested with cockroaches, insecticide could be used to remedy the problem.

Many people don't typically think of birds as pests, but they can cause severe problems for a commercial property. Birds can serve as carriers for disease, and they can also inflict property damage. The waste and droppings that birds leave in their wake can also create an unsanitary environment.

Many multifamily units and office buildings feature bodies of water. This can include everything from a small fountain to a large lake. These bodies of water are often quite attractive to certain species of birds. If birds have colonized a body of water on your property, a commercial pest control specialist can offer humane approaches for dealing with the problem.

The final step in commercial pest control involves monitoring, which  utilizes ongoing inspections to keep track of pest activity. This ensures that your current infestation is thoroughly addressed, and it helps make sure no new infestations take hold.

Cost and Length of Treatment

The cost of commercial pest control depends on the size of the facility being treated and the severity of the infestation. Prices can range from $300-$10,000 or more. It's generally a lot less expensive to purchase preventive treatment than it is to tackle an ongoing infestation.

The length of time it takes to resolve a commercial pest control problem varies. However, it's important to remember that a proactive approach is best in these circumstances. Many pest control companies offer monthly, quarterly, or bi-yearly packages, which can provide you with a cost-effective way to prevent your commercial property from being ravaged by infestation.