The Pet Quiz: Which Is Right for You?

Jane Matthews

Are you thinking about making a furry/scaly/feathery/or otherwise textured addition to your family? If you aren’t, maybe you should, as pet ownership can improve the quality of your life. Various studies report that bonding with an animal can help you find dates, reduce your rate of depression, lower your blood pressure, and decrease your odds of developing heart disease. Plus, depending on what critter you opt to adopt, you can also enjoy friendship, companionship, and love.
Pet quiz: some animals work better with some people than others.

If you are ready to welcome a new friend into your life, but you're unsure of what kind, take this quiz to find out which animal is your best match. Choose one answer for each question -- then tally them up and see the answer.

When you have some downtime, what activity do you enjoy most?

A. Reading
B. Walking, hiking, or something outdoors.
C. Socializing with friends.
D. Watching TV or exploring the web.
E. Something completely different.

Pet ownership is a responsibility, so before you commit, why do you want a pet?

A. To liven up my home.
B. Companionship
C. Animal training is my middle name.
D. Relaxation and beauty.
E. They are cool.

So what makes your ideal new friend lovable?

A. Independent personality, good looks, and entertaining to watch.
B. Affectionate, friendly, and devoted.
C. The capacity to learn easily.
D. Colors, beauty, and grace.
E. Low-maintenance regime.

All pets require attention. How much time do you have to hang with them on a daily basis?

A. Several hours a day to chill around the house.
B. So much free time, and looking for something to do.
C. Always a couple of hours to spare for a friend.
D. Some fleeting moments in the mornings and evenings.
E. Mealtimes

Not to sound like a job interview, but if you had to choose, what’s your biggest weakness?

A. Lounging is a favorite hobby.
B. Moodiness - stop asking me questions.
C. Chatty Cathy has nothing on me.
D. Unsociability
E. Some people don’t get my sense of humor.

Sharing your life with an animal includes sharing your home. What best describes your living space?

A. Indoors with some wiggle room.
B. Free and unlimited access to both indoor and outdoor space.
C. Space to stretch my arms and do jumping jacks.
D. Counter space.
E. Space, man.

When you return home, do you want your pet to welcome you?

A. Special guest appearances are cool.
B. Yes, there couldn’t be a better thing when you first come up.
C. Hmm, that sounds like fun!
D. Nah, they have stuff to do.
E. Surprise me, seriously!

How do you feel about pet sounds?

A. A little communication can go a long way.
B. The louder, the better.
C. If done correctly, they can be very entertaining.
D. Hooray for the sound of silence.
E. The sound of chirping crickets is soothing.

How do you feel about training animals?

A. As long as they can use their bathroom -- live and let live.
B. Professional training can make a world of difference.
C. I prefer the DIY approach.
D. Too much effort.
E. It could work to my advantage.

Tally your answers by As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Es

Mostly A – Cat

Hooray, welcome to Team Cat! If you have enough space for a cat box and a separate kitty dining area, you will enjoy the independent nature of cats. From kitten-hood and well into their senior years, these furry little beasts will provide hours of entertainment, at least when they are awake (cats sleep 12-16 hours a day). Although cats are self-grooming, they do require regular nail clipping, some brushing, and a clean cat box. Before spending a dime on a critter, check your local animal shelter; you may find your purrfect companion.

Mostly B – Dog

Congratulations, you have the makings of a dog owner. This near-constant companion and best friend requires love, control, restraint, and patience. In order to grow into good dogs, puppies need to be properly house-trained; typically a 4- to 6-month process and up to a year in some cases. Daily walks, exercise, and playtime are all vital components to the dog-ownership experience. While owning a dog does require energy and effort, the payoff is magical! Visit your local animal shelter now, and claim your new BFF!

Mostly C – Bird

Welcome to the bird party! Your feathered friend can be many things, including fun, active, noisy, messy, and downright nosy. That’s because they haven’t evolved to live with humans and are similar to their cousins in the wild. Despite their wild hearts, a pet bird can light up your life. Birds can be quite affectionate, and if you play it right, they can learn and subsequently speak thousands of different words. There’s no guarantee that your bird will speak, but odds are your bird could live for decades, so plan on a lifelong commitment. A trip to your local pet store can set you on the right path.

Mostly D – Fish

Greetings fish friends. Staring at and escaping into the visual landscape of a fish tank is awesome. But wait, there’s more. Individual fish can be taught to do tricks like going through a hoop and navigating an obstacle course. While tricks are certainly cool, you must feed your fish friend and keep their tank clean so they can thrive and perform. That effort can pay off, as depending on the species, aquarium fish can live from 2 to 50 years. Why wait? Explore local pet stores that can help you launch your friend’s watery playground.

Mostly E – Exotic

Hello from the wild side! You will make an excellent parent to a low-maintenance reptile. Options include turtles, tortoises, snakes, water dragons, and other freaky friends. Chances are you won’t be able to train these guys, but they will rely on you for food, care, and cleaning. To learn more about exotic pets, speak to a professional at your local pet store.

Jane D. Matthews is a writer-for-hire living in the heart of Hollywood. She has created content for dozens of websites, worked as a ghostwriter, and contributed her words to a published NYC shopping guide. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, camping, vegetarian cooking, decorating, advising, and laughing until it hurts.