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GIRTH is where it is at

Ok yes it should be tiny because that gives it charm and hey you may have to browse the neighboring shops for a while before a space clears out. Lucky for you the local shops are killer Boardwalk just just a fun walk through .

The BUrger you want is the Girth burger the others a luvly but the Girth is omg. The chili also yummy to the tummy.

SUpport your local hole in the wall



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Great burger, cramped space

One of the best burgers in Cincy, second maybe to Terry's Turf Club, or perhaps Gordo's. The toy train that runs around is fun and enhances atmosphere. Not much seating space, so can get very crowded at times.



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Cincy's Best?

In every Cincinnati publication rave reviews can be found about Zips. Having just moved to the area I wanted to see what the hype was about and wanted to discover some shred of culture in Cincinnati. To my misfortune this is a cut-rate burger joint that can barely stack up against chain burger restaurants. To begin, this is a mediocre-at best burger. The burgers were small, and the flavor is lacking and the price is out of its league. I can honestly make a better burger in my microwave.



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Great burger, lacks in ambiance

The burgers are very good but quite pricey.
They definitely need to add some light and update the room with something to muffle the sound because of how loud the place gets when it is packed.
Overall, I would go back but there are plenty of local burger joints where the price-point is better.



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Where are the parents of all these RUDE kids

Went to dinner there tonight. Place is crowded with loud foul mouthed teenagers - no one working there says a thing to them. Will probably NEVER go back. The food was ok - but come on now...we had 2 burgers, chips, onion rings and mac-n-cheese. Ordered a met for the baby - got a skinny soggy hot dog looking thing. Paid almost $40!!! The burgers at Rally's are better. I was disapointed with the whole evening. Where the heck are the parents of all these RUDE spoiled kids - if only their parents knew how the behave and the words that come out of their precious angels mouthes when they are out of the house!!!!



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Best Burget in the Land

One of the best restaurants in the Cincinnati area. I've been there multiple times and enjoyed the food everytime. And did I mention that they a great burger



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ANybody who says that the food stinks and the service is poor has obviously never been there. A Zipburger is THE BEST BURGWE YOU WILL EVER TASTE!!!!! I guarentee it.



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Best burger, like eating one at home!

Very good place to eat lunch or dinner.I like the atmosphere,antique & casuel family place. The burgers taste fresh & actually as if they patty each one up before cooking,like at home.My son first recommended this to us, and I was glad he took us there. Now I refer people I know to it. And if there's not enough parking or even seats, that's the small town air about it.



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Rude servers

The worst - rude servers, poor food, a joke as best in Cincinnati. Like the city it is the worst in America.



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A Cincinnati Classic

This is a great place for all sorts of people! Good food and good service, though parking can be a hassle.



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Best Burger in Cincinnati

It's always debatable, but I place Zip's on the top in the city. It's simple and delicious. There are other great ones in Cincy, but Zip's has a great atmosphere, food & staff.



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She was right

The waitress was right by putting you in your place. You were being selfish and thinking about yourself. I would have done the same thing. People i work with all the time do the same thing to the server when we eat lunch. Its plain rude. I refuse to go eat with certain people at my work because they dont know how to treat the people wating on us.



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I wish I could give 0 stars. The last (both in terms of ""previous"" and ""last time ever"") time I went, my server was *unbelievably* and unacceptably rude. She had gotten my order wrong, and I wanted to correct her. She was serving the table next to me, and when it looked like she was turning away to the kitchen, I politely called, ""ma'am, excuse me."" She then had the nerve to get in my face and YELL rudely at me like a child, ""YOU do NOT interrupt me! You canNOT do that! I'm serving them, you have to wait! Do NOT interrupt me!"" and so on and so forth. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire restaurant heard her rantings. Who *does* that? Where did she learn to waitress? Doesn't she realize she's in the *hospitality* service?

--> I talked to the manager, who was mostly helpful. I then told the waitress it looked like she was done serving them and I didn't realize she was trying to get another drink order, and that at any rate, she could have handled that a million different ways better. How hard is it to say, ""Hold on a second, please, I'm still with this customer."" To make matters worse, I had already had one of the worst days I can remember and was looking forward to relaxing at Zip's like I usually do, and this horrible person starts yelling at me. To be fair, she apologized, but one idiotic terrible mistake is all it takes. If you're on the job, behavior like this is completely unacceptable. Too bad, Zip's - you lost a very well-tipping regular.

--> If you want to know about the food: chili forgettable, burgers okay although sometimes they can be dry, fries usually good, onion rings good. You can get better burgers at City View in Mt. Adams, though. SERVICE: WORST I'VE EVER HAD OR COULD HAVE IMAGINED. That's saying a lot - I've been to countless dining establishments all over the world from dirty little holes-in-the-wall that made me sick to 5-star exclusive restaurants. If you like your burger served with a side of hostility, go here.



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Not the ""Best Burger""

I have had many many people gush to me about the spectular burgers served at Zips - yet when I went, the meat was dry and crumbly. I am wondering where these people have eaten burgers before that they are comparing with Zips?



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Very Overrated

I had recently moved to cincinnati from milwaukee and was dying to find a good burger place. Everyone I talked to mentioned Zips, so I went with my wife. I was very disappointed. The burger was very small and had little flavor. The meat was packed uneven, so there where thin and thick parts. I don't know why people here rave about the place. I can only guess that saying you like a Zip burger is ""hip"" or something. I would recommend Fuddruckers before I would send anyone to Zips, and I am not a big fan of Fuddruckers. Being from Milwaukee, I am comparing Zips to a Milwaukee custard/burger joint...Kopps, there is no comparision. Overall, Cincinnati is lacking in a good burger joint.



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If you want a GREAT burger, you'll have to go to Quatman's

Like many other reviewers have said: ""I just don't get it."" Small, dried up, overcooked on every visit. Quatman's features a giant, juicy, hot, 1/2 pound cheeseburger for less money (with better fries too since they're served hot out of the fryer). Maybe it's the snob appeal of Mt. Lookout Square? Again, I just don't get why so many people rave about this sqallid little hockey puck of a burger.

Mayber they've just never had Quatman's burger to know how good it can be.



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Best of everything

Every time I eat here, I walk out full, satisfied, and needing to lie down.
The burgers are fantastic. If you arent a burger fan, check out the Chicken Caesar Sandwich, its phenomenal as well.
Chili is a good starter, unlike any thing else I have had. A cup in itself fills your belly up halfway, in order to get ready for the main course.
It is small place, so probably not a good idea to go there at 6 or 7 pm, you may not find a seat. But thats ok, the turnaround time on tables is fast, the service is quick, and the food is awesom.



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Everyone has their own taste.....

and mine tells me that their burgers are far from being the best in town and their chili is lacking.......but you will have judge for yourself.



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User review by mafaus02

I think this is one of the best places to eat in Cincinnati if your are not looking for extremely fine dining.



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Zips is Great

Zips is great. The burgers, especially the gurth burger, are extremely juicy and have a unique taste. The reason why it is so crowded is because almost everyone in the city knows it is ""the"" place to get a burger. I have never found a better place to get a burger. I hope my review has helped you.


Phone: (513) 871-9876

Address: 1036 Delta Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208


More Info

General Info
Established in 1926, Zip's Caf is a family-style restaurant that serves burgers, sandwiches, salads and soups. Its burgers are prepared from fresh meat delivered daily from Bleh-Avril & Sons. Zip's Caf s menu features chicken, breaded fish, tuna salad, beef barbecue, grilled meetwurst and cheese sandwiches. It also offers onion rings, Saratoga chips, macaroni and chili fries. The restaurant features ranch, French, Italian and Caesar salad dressings. Zip's Caf is located in Cincinnati.
Extra Phones

Phone: (513) 321-9720

Fax: (513) 321-9720

Payment method
Price Range
Mount Lookout
Other Information

Parking: Street

Wi-Fi: No

Bike Parking: Yes

Attire: Casual

Drive Through: No

Good For Groups: Yes

Good for Kids: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Take Out: Yes

Cuisines: Burgers, American, Coffee House, Take Out, Hot Dogs, Cafeterias

Alcohol: Full Bar

Takes Reservations: No

Outdoor Seating: No

Price Range : Below Average

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