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Steven R.



I have been eating here for over 50 years, bring all of my out of town guest.
There have never been any disappointments

Gina S.



My family loves JTG’s it has been our favorite and our kids and Grandkids for many years, enjoy a Texas Legend

Stephanie B.



I loved the Enchilada's. Enjoyed the experience but have had better. Very crowded and noisy. Don't expect to be able to have a conversation ...All around the food was pretty tasty. Would eat there again.



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Average Food.

I've been going to Joe T's a few times a year for the past 15 years and have always come to the same conclusion. The margarita's are great. The outdoor seating is wonderful. The food is average at best.

Diane D.


nothing special

From FW all my life & I am aware that not loving Joe T's is not legal, but food is just so so & service is less than that especially if it one of the many catered events. They just quit trying & are living on reputation. They are stingy with the servings, ignore simple reqests, & don't even perform basic service functions. Ex: no picking up dirty plates or refill water. Food was "ehh". Good cheese nacos (1only) & guacamole though. Go for the legend not the food or service.



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Family fave

My husband took me here when we started dating. Although the place is beautiful; I had the fajitas. I was not impressed.

But then, I started having the enchiladas. Yummy! I noticed that there is a hit or miss aspect to the place. The best time is lunch during the week since Saturday nights are too crowded and service can be less than stellar.

We have had just the two of us to large groups of 25. Each time went well and food was great...just order the enchiladas!

Dalton Photography


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Great Fort Worth mexican food

I've been to Joe T's on several occasions, and it's no wonder it is a Fort Worth icon. The gardens/decor are worth the price. Joe and his staff are warm and friendly, and come by to check on you just often enough, without being a bother. The menu is what it is. Nothing fancy, just fajitas or enchiladas. I normally get the Chicken fajitas, and can share one order with my wife. The portions are generous.

One guy here complained the their chairs didn't accommodate his size very well. I had no issues, and assume his situation is rare as this business feeds tons of people every day, and has been for years.



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below average food, TERRIBLE service

My family had dinner at Joe T's Saturday and it was, without a doubt, one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. I grew up eating in this restaurant and those are some of my fondest memories. I had family visiting from New York & really wanted to introduce my new sister in law to fantastic Mexican food. My husband & I both insisted on Joe T's. Our group was 15 - 7 adults, 6 children. We were seated very quickly and served chips, salsa, and drinks almost immediately. Then it all went downhill. The chips were stale. It tasted like they'd been sitting out overnight and were quickly warmed in the microwave, then served. I hoped it was just my basket of chips, but it was every basket on the table. One end of our table had no plates or silverware and when we asked our server, MORGAN, for more, we were told they were on there way, but they never showed up. Two children ran out of their drinks and we asked for more, but they never showed up. Our meal was served, or thrown onto the table and MORGAN walked away. We had nachos at one end of the table that couldn't be served to everyone because half of our table had no plates! The same happened with our tacos. The enchiladas and fajitas were set out, but those who ordered extra cheese and sour cream didn't get any. There were so many peppers in the fajitas that they tasted candy sweet. The nachos were covered in mounds of grease, so much that my 7 year old got sick from eating them. At this point we were starving and didn't care, so we dug in and ate. Unfortunately, I had no drink. I asked MORGAN, our server, for a refill of water and drinks for the table and she said okay. 10 minutes passed with nothing, so I asked again. Another 10 minutes and nothing. I asked again and she found a spare glass of water on the bar behind our table and slammed it down next to me. I wasn't aware that doing her job was such a chore that it gave her the right to be so rude to me. We had a few questions about how the check was broken down, but Morgan could be bothered with helping us as she was busy leaning against a wall. We paid and left.

I realize that eating at this restaurant at 7pm on a Saturday night is going to be busy. I do not think that excuses the service or experience we had. Our service was appalling. I assume since MORGAN knew that a group of 15 would have a gratuity automatically added to the bill, she decided it wasn't worth her time to actually serve us. All we wanted were enough plates, silverware, and filled drinks so we could eat our dinner. But asking for that caused a hissy fit and MORGAN felt it was necessary to slam drinks down to let us know how unreasonable we were. Our server, MORGAN, was awful. Maybe she was having an off night. Maybe something about our group rubbed her the wrong way. I don't know what the problem was, but the way we were treated was inexcusable.I want to say I'll come back to this restaurant again, but at this point, I don't think I can. It's not worth it to me to risk being treated so poorly.



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The sign says Mexican DISHES

The sign out front says ""Mexican Dishes"" - but don't assume that means good Mexican food. I always heard of Joe T. Garcia's and was looking forward to some authentic Mexican food when I took my family of 5 to the restaurant. I didn't know the drill - only two dishes served, no menus, no credit cards. But we rolled with it and ordered beef fajitas and enchiladas. The beef was cubed and was not skirt steak. Looked more like stew meat. The enchiladas were very average. If a restaurant only serves two items, they better be darn good. But not here. Somehow this place has built a reputation - but it couldn't have been built on the food. I read where posters say it's a place to hang out and be seen. If so, then reduce the menu by two items and just serve drinks and appetizers. Can't recommend this joint. Uncle Julios and Cantina Laredo are way much better.

Snow C


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Great place for large groups

i took a large group to Joe T's since many of them had never been to Texas but several had already heard about this place. We all enjoyed the food and since there are really only 2 menu choices for dinner, it was easy for a large group to make up their minds of what to order.

For a large business group though, it's tough to submit a large expense report paying cash. If they would take credit cards, it sure would make things easier for taking business groups there.

But overall-great place to visit and the folks from out of state had a blast!



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Joe T Garcia's - Tasteless Adventure

There are only two items on the menu and both of them were bad! Taco Bell is better!

The famous margaritas? Loyalty can costs you your tastebuds if you forget to challenge them once in a while.



Not all it's cracked up to be

This may be a legend in Fort Worth, but the food and atmosphere are both over-rated. They need to pay more attention to the details. And the prices are very high for what you get.



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boiled onions and bellpeppers with cheap roast beef

the fajitas dont have any flavor pretty much taste like onions and bellpeppers boiled together. the meat is not even fajita skirt. i really thought this place was going to be the mother of all fajitas but how wrong i was. you can find MUCH better fajitas at Taco Cabana at least they use real fajita skirts and they do taste like fajitas. the only thing that i liked about this place is the building. they idea that they only serve 3-4 dishes is nice and i even over looked the problem that they dont except credit cards. but once you eat the food you will be disappointed.



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Reputation doesn't match reality

Having lived in the DFW area for better part of 25 years, I have heard of Joe T. Garcia's for a very long time. I finally stopped in about 5:30 on Saturday. A minimal waiting line which grow considerably by the time I left. Seated outside in a plastic chair (which did not handle my size at all well). When the waiter finally came by, he was surprised that I asked for a pitcher of tea. Their glasses are small enough, they're good for one good gulp. Better have a pitcher handy than having to wait for him to come refill my glass everytime. If I had known that pitcher was going to cost me $10, I would have ordered water. When I asked to see a menu, I was informed (in a slightly condescending tone) there were none & there were only to things they served. Enchiladas & Fajitas. So I ordered beef fajitas. I have never been into a place that provides quacamole free but charges for cheese ($1) and sour cream ($1). I like chunky pico but this needed to be chopped more. The fajita meat had a strange marinade & wasn't very good. Also needed more onions & peppers. You would think a place that only has 2 items on the menu would do them spectacularly well. Not here. It was only fair.
When I asked for my bill, I about had a heart attack! $19.50 for a meal for 1 person that I could have gotten dozens of other places for $12. And gotten better food. (No menu means you don't see any prices beforehand.) When I handed the check back with my credit card, I was told curtly ""We don't take plastic."" It was just lucky that I happened to have the cash on hand.
Other reviews say this is a place to be seen & hang out, not to eat. Gee! All this time I thought it was a Mexican restaurant. (restaurant = place to eat food. No??) This is a place that upper class, white suburbia likes. Kinda Hollywood's idea of a Mexican place. Not mine. I won't be back.



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Worst fajitas in Texas!!! Stay away

HORRIBLE food ... fajitas were disgusting. The chicken was dry. My kids wouldn't touch it and I forced myself to eat half of the plate. I've had better fajitas at Hacienda Ranch, Luna de Noche, On the Border, just about anywhere. For a place that's been in business so long, you'd think the food would be better.

They must rely on tourist traffic because locals would only go for the drinks and atmosphere because the food is not worth any price. Worst fajitas I've ever had and I'd never go back again.

McKinney, Texas



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Joe T. Garcia's Review by John

I went here for the first time last Sunday night. First, who does not take debit cards in 2009? I mean come on, this is not a shady place to eat, it is a very nice location and was packed late on a Sunday night. The margaritas were $27 a picture (not that great, lacked strong flavor). The onwners need to use some of that money to pay the Debit/CC fee's (Cheapo Bandito). After learning that they do not have menus (Cheapo Bandito numero dos as well as weird and stupid if for know other reason you have to ask the waiter what everything costs even though they only serve two items (weird again), but it was annoying if for no other reason he was a little rude about it acting like ""everyone in the world knows Joe T. Garcia's does not have menus"" (say the last sentence in your snobiest East coast voice, cause that's how I heard it in my internal voice head while he was talking)) we found out they really do not have food for kids of which I have four (10 kids total in our party). Maybe my kids are a little picky on food, but they like what they like. Chip and salsa came (good, but hot for kids). We decided to get them chicken fajitas, same as me and my wife. The food came quickly and was hot. For the most part the food was good, (there are much better fajitas in town; Papasitos, Christina's, Chipotle even. THIS IS THE MAJOR POINT, IF YOUR ONLY GOING TO HAVE A FEW ITEMS, THEY HAD BETTER BE REALLY GOOD, KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF ITEMS) but they were overcooked and none of the kids on my tab (6 of them) would touch them because it looked and tasted more like beef fajitas. They ate beans/cheese and tortillas while the chicken got cold (Nothing is worse than paying for kids food that goes right into the Hefty bag). Finally, we asked for the check to be split (which it wasn't (that's OK, I can add) and we left. Then the fun began. I got really sick and so far have eaten one Turkey sandwich (Jimmy John's, very good) and a bowl of cereal ( Granola with fruit and nuts, also vey good) all week. I am now looking at thier website and they have a kids plate on their lunch menu as well as others items for grown ups. What kind of evil, warped menus is this? Overall, I give a one and will not be returning on my dime.



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Joe T's is AMAZING! If you go, expect to wait in line, but if your with a group of friends, go get a pitches of margaritas to drink while your in line! You wont regret it! People keep saying their food isnt good, but it IS!!!. Their fajitas are AMAZING! Joe T's is known for their awesome atmosphere and their GREAT MARGARITAS! I cant stress how good the margaritas are. Get it on the rocks! Best margarita of my life!!!!!

Kenneth L.


Don't know what all the Fuss is over on this Dining Place

Maybe their food was good when they opened up decades ago but it sure ain't worth the $$$ now and mexican food is cheap to make, bean and rice and tortillas. I worked in food service for yrs and we made mexican food one of the easiest and least expensive to serve.



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hottest wait staff ever

ANyone posting on here about the food is a complete moron . . . joe ts is a hangout not a place to put your snobby nose in the air about the food . . . margaritas hottests girls in town great atmosphere . . . most attractive wait staff ever . . . the hostesess are a bit on the slow side but . . . . lets get real, people go to joe ts to hang out not to enjoy the greatest meal of ur life . . . ur complaining about a 12 dollar meal like its a 50 dollar steak ???



Over Rated

Tonight was my 1st Joe T's experience. I've heard great things about it from friends and was utterly disappointed. I realized there is always a long line (40 minutes to get a table at 5 p.m. on a Saturday) and then it's a pain that you can not use a credit card. Of course, you have 2 choices only, so I chose the Chicken Enchilad'as. Two guys brought them to the table, I told them that looks like steak, I ordered chicken. They said no it's chicken, just dark. I bit into it and it was steak like I "tried" to tell them, I gave up and just ate what I didn't order. The waitress was not helpful and it was a wait to get your refills. When we left the line was huge, I will never go back unless it's just to socialize with my friends, the food, lack of selection, lack of credit card, long lines, and inadequate service is enough for my 1st Joe T's experience to probably be my last!


Phone: (817) 626-4356

Address: 2201 N Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76164


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Joe T. Garcia s Mexican Restaurant is an authentic Mexican-style restaurant located in Fort Worth, Texas. Opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers a variety of menu items, including nachos, fajitas, chimichangas, tamales, dinner plates, quesadillas, salads and children s plates. Joe T s also offers outdoor dining, private party service and catering. In addition Joe T s has two separate operating divisions: Esperanza s Wholesale Mexican Bread and Joe T. Garcia s Mexican Restaurant. The restaurant was opened in 1935 with a seating capacity of 16 customers.
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Phone: (817) 429-5166

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Joe T Garcia Restaurant

Joe T. Garcias

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Parking: Free

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Bike Parking: Yes

Attire: Casual

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Cuisines: Spanish, Caterers, Mexican, Latin American, European, Continental

Alcohol: Full Bar

Takes Reservations: No

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Price Range : Average

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