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"We take comedy seriously."

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An acting studio for the New Media Era has arrived! A supportive & social community of & for actors. Our goal: create a new & progressive place to learn comedy. Call for class hour.
We are located at 7461 Beverly Blvd. There is ample street parking a few blocks North (and South) of the Blvd. We are located on the second floor of the building.
Central LA, Mid-City West


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Mickey Casab


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Best Comedy training you will ever find

I am writing this Review on the ""10 Week Sitcom Essentials"" Class. It is more than worth it for actors at any level. The teachers are all amazing and are EXPERIENCED so they know what they are talking about. Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher and Lauren Bertoni break down and make easy Archetypes, Character Development, Comedic Script Analysis from the WRITERS point of view, branding yourself in the market place, and single camera vs. multi-camera. Phyllis Katz who makes sure that you know how to play with your material so you can adjust correctly with any adjustments given in the room. Elaine Hendrix performs with you and does a chemistry read with you. As well as explains in detail what happens in auditions from the first one all the way to booking a pilot. She explains all the traps that actors fall into, how to avoid them, what to expect, and how it all works. Knowledge that is invaluable to everyone. On top of that you have a cold read with either a Top level Casting Director or Another extremely experienced Actor. We had Betsy Randall. She was amazing at bringing another point of view from the professional acting standpoint. Then after all that you not only shoot with three camera's, but you have a LIVE audience with writers giving you new lines after each take. Just like on a real set. Giving you that experience so you can go to your first live tape prepared for whatever they throw at you. You also get a copy of the footage to use for your reel. Every actor can learn and save themselves years of needed experience. TAKE THIS CLASS!!!

Daniel W.



ACS is THE ONLY place to train for sitcoms as far as I'm concerned. I have studied at ACS for over a year now and I have nothing but the most positive things to say about this studio and the people who run it. Gunnar and Lauren are some of the most intelligent people when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of what it is happening in situational comedy today and right now. They're eternally focused on keeping on top of what's going on in the industry and making sure they are teaching they're students what's important and how best to understand how to create the best auditions possible.

Not only is ACS an AMAZING place to train and hone your skills, but it is also a place that has felt like another home for me. Having a network of like-minded people has always been important to me for my "artistic health" and I'm so glad to say that ACS has provided a community of hard-working passionate artists that I am continually inspired by. I have the utmost respect for my peers at the studio and for Gunnar and Lauren who are two of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met. The studio that they have created is nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for amazing training in a positive environment taught by people who are on top of the industry than ACS is the right place for you.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Actors Vocal Program they offer with instructor Corinne Dekker. Yes, you heard me right. An Comedy Studio that offers amazing voice lessons. Whether you are a beginner or experienced professional, Corinne is an amazing teacher. She understands the voice and the vulnerability it can bring and she makes you feel comfortable in the classroom and explains things in a way that make you feel like you just encountered a miracle.

Go to this studio for the BEST training around.

Matthew K.



Being a part of Actors Comedy Studio has been one of the best decisions I have made so far since moving to Los Angeles. They offer weekly classes that range from the beginner actor, to the professional actor. This is a safe, skill building place where you can learn everything from the audition technique and cold reading, to character development and script analysis. It is a fun time, and can be somewhat therapeutic and relaxing, but also challenging in a positive way that helps push you to become better and better at what you love doing, acting. I have taken weekly classes for almost a year, as well as many workshops and seminars, ranging from script analysis and improv classes, to casting director workshops. If you want to be good at something, then you need to put everything you have into it. Actors Comedy Studio will give you what you are looking for.

Danielle D.


I cannot recommend the Acting ...

I cannot recommend the Acting For Sitcoms class at ACS ENOUGH. Gunnar has an unparalleled passion for and understanding of comedy. At the beginning of each class he gives a brief but always amusing update on the current events in the industry, knowing that as actors it is imperative we are kept informed and on our toes and therefore empowered when it comes to taking the reins in our careers and steering in the right direction. He knows what’s up and stays current.

Class is made up of actors from pretty diverse backgrounds, from actors who just want to loosen up and be more comfortable with comedy to stand-up comedians looking to branch out and get some solid technique for translating their personas to on-camera work. And every class, they all progress. You will see it. Each week is a chance to improve your cold-reading skills, audition technique, learn to nail taking direction, and watch your second take on playback at the end of the night.

The cost of class here is crazy low and as other people have mentioned ACS offers legit $20 casting director workshops and endless networking opportunities through its Facebook group and well, the other 15 or so working actors in class every night being encouraged to self-produce and just plain make-it-happen.

I’m only half-kidding when I say Gunnar is the Dumbledore of comedy. He can take any muggle struggling with finding the funny and with the right combination of spells turn them into a competent comedy wizard. Do yourself a favor, Accio your cellphone, conjure up an orientation meeting with Gunnar, and you’ll find your patronus has mysteriously changed to a whimsical, bespectacled little man charging down dementors while giggling and bellowing out, “Hello, everybody!”

Tiffany B.



Finding ACS is the best thing that has happened to me in LA! Now that I have a clear goal of a career in scripted comedy, there is no where else I would rather study. I feel confident in my audition, script analysis, and character development skills and have a clear sense of where I fit in the marketplace. Equally as important has been the sense of community. There is no ego at ACS- everyone works together with the vision of shared success and we help each other reach our goals. Since I started producing projects I haven't had to look elsewhere for referrals, resources, equipment, or volunteers. We all work together to make it happen! Gunnar and Lauren are the best in what they do and care about each student's individual journey.

Kalpana K.



Lauren and Gunnar have build an incredible place for Actors in LA with Actors Comedy Studio. I am SO glad a good friend recommended them to me. I have been taking classes there now for nearly 1 year and have upped my game 200%.

If you are looking for a safe, supportive container to learn the skills and hone your craft this is the place to go. If you are looking for honest, critical info on how the industry works, what you need to do to get work, and how as an actor to be prepared and get into the right mindset, this is the best place. Both Lauren and Gunnar are beyond generous with their time, care and knowledge. They give you professional, on point feedback on how to market yourself and present yourself best to get work.

Jared B.



Woohoo is right my friends. I have found a fit for me in LA. I have a degree in theater and I have studied and done numerous shows and even showcases in LA. The transition from coast to coast from Stage to Film is extremely difficult. Actors Comedy Showcase is making me grow immensely week by week connecting talent to WORK. It's an Honor to work with both Lauren Bertoni and Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher. When I met them, they asked me what they could do for MY career and they gauge what they can do with each and every actor separately. In this studio, you compete against yourself, because there is only you. I haven't been asked that sincerely in my acting career.

ACS provides on Camera sitcom acting class in which I'm enrolled currently. To think i went to so many auditions not knowing the rules of acting on film and especially in the audition room. I have learned more in 2 months than I have the many years I have already spent in LA. They have an amazing Staff that give specific notes and you get to work through your notes after you watch yourself on Playback. To Correct and learn your mistakes. It is an efficient way to learn and improve every class.

They offer different classes, private coachings, career coachings, intensives, and schedule out several Industry showcases each month and its ONLY $20 for students and non students all the time.

The class I take begins with announcements and discussions about the trade and what is happening in the industry. At first I just learned by listening, and now I am reading everyday just to share every week. Its such a great knowledgeable vibe at the studio, actors and staff. It's worth the interview with the Co Owners right at the studio. I recommend this to any Actor or actress as it creates a network of HONEST, healthy improvement in your career.

Erin C.



I have been studying here for a few years now and I still find myself learning something new every week. Gunnar always says that what separates good auditions from great auditions are mere percentage points. The talented staff at ACS helps me fine-tune my performance so that I can go in confidently knowing that I am giving a great audition. The studio also fosters a safe and creative community outside of the classroom that allows the students to connect and work together on their own projects. I cannot recommend ACS enough!

Devin C.



I love Actors Comedy Studio. I have been coming here for over a year now and my acting has never been better.

Gunnar knows his stuff and demands the best out of you. ACS is a great working environment where one feels safe making bold strong choices while working on the latest sides the industry has to offer.

The 10 week sitcom essential course is a must for anyone who wants a real experience working on a sitcom with the safety of a classroom environment.

Michael K.



Getting one’s footing in Los Angeles takes time, persistence, and money. After moving from NYC, I found it nearly impossible to find a studio I was happy with, until a friend referred me to ACS. BEST investment for my career in LA! ACS has provided a creative, positive environment and has prepared me to take on this hard to maneuver town. Since studying with Gunnar, I have landed both an agent and manager. He provides the in-depth knowledge to truly understand comedy from an acting and business perspective. Gunnar is intensely passionate and “gets it.” The entire team at ACS are fantastic allies and my career has certainly benefited from it. I am beyond grateful for this gem of a studio!!

Carly C.



FACT: ACS is the only Acting Studio dedicated solely to mastering the art of Sitcom.

I started at ACS a few weeks after relocating to LA from NYC. Like any diligent New Yorker, I did my research and looked into several acting studios before landing at ACS. Diligence pays off kids. If you're serious about having a career in sitcom or if you just want to understand the science behind why some people are funny and others are not - ACS is really the only place to be.

Word to the wise, Gunnar will not let you get away with bad work - That's probably the most important thing I can say about his class. Beyond that he always provides SPECIFIC reasoning behind why it was in fact, "bad work." So much of acting (and humor in general) is subjective - not with Gunnar. He turns comedy scripts in to easy-to-read road maps to comedy gold.

If you're ready to step it up a notch and get serious about comedy, you should probably call Gunnar... the actors going into "the room" on either side of you probably already have:)

Jordan W.



LA has no shortage of actors, and thus, no shortage of acting teachers. But finding an excellent one is the trick. What puts Gunnar in that category is, like any great coach in any field, he caters his message to the individual. Yes, you'll learn how to break down a script and the 10 characters of comedy, but all of this is meant to bring out the many shades of you in the room, and Todd has an uncanny ability to figure out each individual's key to unlocking his/her specific, unique colors.

At the end of the day, finding the right instructor for you is a very personal decision, and ultimately is about results. When it comes to comedy, no one has aided me better in achieving results than Gunnar. And it all comes through a non-results oriented attack that begins and ends with sharing your truth. If you're ready to share it, and have a few laughs in the process, The Actors Comedy Studio may very well be the perfect environment for you.

V. C.



Gunnar, Lauren and ACS are game changers. The studio’s relevance in the marketplace is outstanding. Gunnar works with his students to build characters we can draw from and sell ourselves to sitcoms TODAY. The ACS philosophy is current. Gunnar also understands that the marketplace is constantly changing. He is clear and CONSICE, which is a rare trait for an acting teacher! Finally, and most importantly, my ACS sitcom acting class is the most FUN acting class I take.

Kiara M.


Actors comedy studio


I have been studying at Actors Comedy Studio for 3 months now, when i was given the opportunity to take a class for 8 weeks learning all about sitcoms- i jumped on it. Not only is Actors Comedy Studio the ONLY studio that offers this class but the teachers not only are extremely credited- they bring in outside sources that are also extremely credited.

This studio is ran by LAUREN BERTONI and GUNNAR TODD ROHRBACHER - 2 of the elite in the business. These people not only know EVERYTHING but they know EVERYONE! And if you are in LA- you know thats what matters.

Check their credentials. Facts don't lie.

Being blessed enough to be in the same room with them and be taught by them is out of this world. These are 2 people in hollywood who ARE NOT SELFISH with there knowledge.

These people know the business and they tell it like it is. In this sitcom class, i was taught the truth of what happens in the real world of sitcoms. It moves fast! They know all the secrets that is imperative for actors who want to WORK! (Because thats why we are here!) the things i was taught now have me prepared for anything thrown my way...

You want the secrets? Well, then take the class. You will be just as protective and territorial over this studio as i am.

Ken K.



This studio has been a great help in fine tuning my audition technique. The weekly exercises are great in freeing the actor to play in the scene, while being technical and leaving a lasting impression on camera.

Denzil M.



Did I already write a review last year? Can't find it, so let me say again YES to Actors Comedy Studio. The program and coaching here is so specific - knowledge about sitcom character types, motivations and tactics, audition technique on camera, connecting with industry and building relationships. I feel like Gunnar and Lauren are not just my teachers, but are really on my team and invested in my life as a working actor. Top quality people and program.

Thomas O.



I found ACS after having studied at UCB for a few years. I was looking for a place to round out my training, and ACS turned out to be the perfect solution. The Acting For Sitcoms class not only teaches you technique specifically geared towards the sitcom world, but also teaches and reinforces on-camera, audition, cold-reading technique as well. The on-going nature of the class allows them to work with you over time, keep track of problem areas, track progress, and guide you towards success. I look forward to class every week, and would recommend this school to anyone in a heartbeat You'll definitely see results!

Gail B.



This acting class is 5 star all the way. Gunnar Rohrbacher, Lauren Bertoni and their staff at ACS are topnotch. They're knowledgeable, supportive and passionate sans ego which are not always easy to find, I've been studying with them for over 3 years and my booking ratio has doubled. They not only know the business but they are also able to communicate their process in such a way that the students are able to understand and apply it to every audition and every job. I believe every actor should be continually enrolled in an acting class and I'm happy to call this class home.


Phone: (323) 302-9152

Address: 7461 Beverly Blvd Ste 202, Los Angeles, CA 90036


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