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Brian K.


Gorgeous venue; Great food; F...

Gorgeous venue; Great food; Friendly service

Decided to try something new the other day and stumbled up on Edendale on Easy to make reservation (via opentable integration on YP)... got in/seated promptly. The atmosphere was excellent (end of day, sunlight streaming through the big windows; outdoor dining also available). Had a nice glass of wine and enjoyed the comfort food! Appetizers of almonds, olives, cornishons - bread upon request. The meatloaf - very scruptious. The steak fritas - yum. If you want something new and different, try Edendale!



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Awful experience!!!

Sorry, the place looks nice, the food isn't terrible, but it's ridiculously overpriced and after two visits, we have had consistently bad service. To start, I NEVER tip less that 20%. It would take a terrible experience to make me tip less because I used to be a server. However, our server actually complained to us that we were making things harder for her because we needed help having her cash out our part of a larger check. We had asked for a separate ticket, but they have that unfriendly policy that does not allow such things because with tables of six or more they charge an automatic 30% gratuity. I'm a big tipper, but being forced to tip 30% when our idiot server insisted we have to figure out our own items of a huge $600 ticket, use our calculators to figure out the tax, then run tickets separately, with 8 people trying to do this it took 20 minutes just to figure out. She had to make 5 separate trips to run people's cards and then return with a new ""updated"" check. Letting us have our own check would have been 100 times easier, but she finally said, ""well this is easier for us"" showing that their fear that someone may not tip enough outweighs their desire to make sure their clients enjoy their dining experience. A terrible server made sure she got her undeserved tip, but I can say with certainty, I will never go back or recommend this over-rated snotty place to anyone.

riley gurlach


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its not like i remember it

don't mind spending money for a good meal, but what a waste of $100. mediocre food (altho the meatloaf was good) disinterested (and largely unavailable) service and the dining room smelled like cigarettes.... what's that about ? the menu was uninspired and uninteresting....not at all like i remember it from about a year ago or so.... the physical setting is great...but its not enough to get me back.



Great patio. Great food.

I didn't read the reviews. A friend recommended and that was enough. Had the shrimp/cheese pastry thingy appetizer. Really good. Fish - I forget what - and broccoli side. Really good. Patio very nice. Comfortable with only a bit of road noise. I didn't go inside except to check in for the reservation. The bar looked like a bit of a scene. The dining room looked nice. Very friendly staff and service. Will recommend and go again.



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This place is HORRIBLE. The crowd is loud and drunk, and the food is REALLY bad. My friend got sick from it. I do not recommend it at all.



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A Big Disappointment

I want to love Edendale. I've been there at least a half a dozen times. It has a great vibe and SHOULD be a Silver Lake gem. Unfortunately, the food is average AT BEST, the service is mediocre, and it is way, way over priced.

The last time I was there--and I do mean last--I had a cocktail, ordered a Caesar with grilled shrimp and a glass of wine. The lettuce was bitter, there were maybe 3 medium sized shrimp, and the wine stunk. It would be almost ok if the bill didn't come to $42. Yes, $42. $12 for a glass of wine that tasted like it came from a $6 bottle, $6 for 3 grilled shrimp, and $12 - $14 for bitter lettuce. (The balance was for the drink.)

Now before you think ""Ah, another long time Silver Lake Bohemian complaining about prices,"" I have no problem paying $42 for that amount of food if it's worth it. Even if some of that money goes towards maintaining the atmosphere. But in this case, about 95% of the bill went towards that atmosphere. Tough to swallow.

After I ate, I went through the menu. At the Edendale, in Silver Lake, they had a $32 steak on the menu. Fantastic! IF it tastes like a $32 steak. But considering the chef couldn't pick decent greens, I can't imagine the steak was going to be on par with one at , say, Maestros. (Only an unfair comparison if you're not charging close to Beverly Hills' prices.)

I really want this place to succeed. It could be a great neighborhood staple. In fact, I went to the manager the next day to let her know about my experience and told her how much I hope they turn things around. She was pleasant, took my number and, well, that was the last of it. Guess I care more about their business than they do. Hopefully the next owner will hire a decent chef.



Historic spot, nice bar

Surprisingly good food. The salmon was really yummy and the clams were awesome. This Silver Lake eatery is a romantic spot for dinner and drinks. The valet is a little slow even though it wasn't terribly busy.



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Going back for more.

This place is a hidden gem. I live not too far away and a friend asked me to meet her there. ""Mixville""? I was like, what kind of name is that? It sounded creepy but when I saw the place I was like ""oh yeah, I get it."" It's kind of a random place that's kind of cool. The ""Mix"" part has to do with an old movie star, not ""drop your keys in the bowl at the end of the bar."" (Though there's a pretty cute crowd...). We got there at 7 because we were meeting friends later. Well, of course, they called and we told them to meet us there, and four hours and some margaritas later, that's where we stayed. The crowd was pretty fluid and people were going outside to the back garden and using this old photobooth. The vaiet guys were super sweet, the bartenders were pros. Waitress hotties. The best thing by far -- the freakin' burgers. Sorry to have ""food"" outrank ""people"" but we were starving and they were GOOD. Going back.



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Excellent locale & mood.

This is a great venue, and I always feel like I've arrived at a special place when I go there. I guess I've been lucky. The half dozen times I've eaten here I've had no problem. The food has always been great. My only complaint is that the menu seems to be limited. It used to have a broader set of choices, that have been slimmed down over time. I don't know why. The service was average, a little on the slow side, but not enough for it to be an issue. I usually ask the server what is good that evening and that may be why I've been spared the experiences that others have pointed out here. I had a mixed seafood dish that was outstanding, as recommended by our server. After dinner we went to the bar area, which is quite attractive, and enjoyed a couple of cocktails before we drew our evening to a close.



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Cool place, not worth the abuse - Manager needs to go!

My boyfriend and I had 8:30 reservations here last night. The ""hostess"" (who we came to find was the manager playing hostess) told us to wait at the bar and that she would come get us. When the clock read 9:00, I went back to inquire about our table. After ignoring me for 5 minutes in favor of something on the computer screen, she finally asked how she could help me (um, I checked in with you 30 minutes ago) - she casually said, ""Oh, your table is ready when you are."" Confused, I told her she'd told us to wait at the bar and she cut me off: ""Yeah, I was coming to get you right now."" We brought over our wine bottle from the bar and had to wait for the table to be set (apparently it WASN'T ready). She didn't show concern that we were being seated 30 minutes late, nor did she take our wine to the table. Still, we wanted to enjoy dinner so we let it slide.
Our waiter was great, but overwhelmed. Our appetizer was lukewarm, and the entrees took 50 minutes. He was apologetic and we were patient, but 50 minutes is pushing it. When nicely asked him to see what he could do to make it right, and he got the manager to comp our appetizer ($9). We were not looking for a free meal - we wanted to see if they cared to make it better and give us reason to come back. Instead, the manager came over to ask if there was a problem. When we gave her the rundown of our night, she got defensive and said ""I don't need you to tell me how to do my job. I suggest you take your business elsewhere."" Oh, and she claimed the clock is 10 minutes ahead (so we were only sat 20 minutes late, not 30 - much better).
It's a shame - the food was good, the space is great, but the manager was awful. I would have preferred if she ignored us entirely than to come argue with us at our table - we had no intention of causing a fuss (just of not coming back).
Finally, they need to hire a REAL HOSTESS who knows how to acknowledge guests, seat people, honor reservations, and be polite!!



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A wonderful dinner

I ate at this restaurant a few years ago and it was just OK. But my husband and I ate there recently and the food was fabulous. The service was also excellent. Nice adaptive reuse of the old firestation building, and a good vibe with the restaurant full of people. I was even tempted into a fancy martini and desser!



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Love to hate it

This is one of my very favorite spots in LA. The atmosphere is so warm and inviting, I love the tin ceiling and dark wood, and the crowd is so diverse and chill. The old school drink menu (think Manhattans and gimlets) makes you feel like you've arrived at a classy joint. As for the food- don't even get me started on the BLT Salad. Amazing. I could eat it every day. The only area where this place falls short is the bartenders. Holy attitudes. One was so busy (with a non crowded bar) that when we ordered a bottle of wine he slammed the glasses down, sloppily opened the bottle, and as an afterthought he filled each glass to the very top with wine and walked away. Another night the bartender threw my tab at me and said ""I'm heading out, so I'm gonna close you out"". This was hours before the bar closed, it was just the end of his shift! Asking if we wanted another round wouldn't have hurt his tip. As much as I love the atmosphere at this bar I could easily fall in love with another place that doesn't supply obnoxious bartenders with their booze.



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No longer the place to go

To be honest, I used to love this place. I still think the bar is great and the atmosphere is very relaxed and hip. The restaurant, however, has turned to junk. I have eaten at Edendale close to 20 times. Over the past year, it has become progressively worse. Sunday brunch last October was less than average when my food was cold and I had to ask for coffee three times. Before the holidays, my boyfriend were sitting out on the patio for dinner and the heater went out. No big deal, right? Well, it took 20 minutes to get it replaced. That same night, we ordered our meals (the menu has totally changed and is about half of what it used to be) and the meals came before the salads. Then, I ordered a Pinot Noir with my steak and it arrived at the end of my meal. I had about given up on Edendale, but decided to give it one last try last night. Bad idea. My food was pretty good, but others at the table were very unhappy. The service was very average and the Manager was just ""blah"". It was no surprise that the dining room was empty. I hope they get thier act together and take it back to where it used to be. I just wont eat there until it gets fixed.



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Eat well, served bad

If you want a great meal but bad service go here! I thought it was great to book a reservation and STILL wait 20 minutes because the hostess had to greet her friends at the bar before seating us. Great calamari, bad bad bad service. It's like being in abusive relationship, because Silverlake just keeps on coming back.



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What happened to this place?

This place has gone so far downhill it doesn't seem possible to bring it back. The bartenders seem to be trying but don't look like they're having a good time and the place reeks of psychic suffering and a feeling like it's time to abandon the ship before it goes even more horribly wrong.



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cool bar, horrible restaurant

They are so phenomenally rude at this restaurant, it's like a joke. I am eight months pregnant, it was a tuesday night at 9pm, and a colleague and I came in for a late dinner. The place was practically empty. After I had to beg the hostess to pay attention to me, and asked her to sit down for dinner, she rolled her eyes and said ""it's gonna be a while."" It was like I walked into her living room and took a dump on her sofa. Then we payed a lot for mediocre food. The bar is attractive and bumpin' but the restaurant is hell on earth. Avoid it!



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Wildly inconsistant food and service.

I have eaten two meals at this restaurant in the same week. One was quite good and the other dreadful. The hostess was rude and made us wait 20 minutes for a table in an empty restaurant. Oddly, she felt compelled to take our name and then quickly forgot. Her attitude was that she was doing us a favor to sit us after 20 minutes of waiting in an empty restaurant. The quality of food of my first meal was excellent. I ordered the same meal last night, the meat was tough and overdone. We waited 40 minutes for our meal, again in an empty restaurant.

Unless you like this sort of experience, I suggest you find another restaurant.



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Drinks Only, Eat Somewhere Else...

The Edendale Grill has all the makings of a great restaurant - historical location, beautiful bar, outdoor dining amist twinkling lights....and then... it all comes to a screeching halt. The food, the service, the experience - all so bad you'd think you were on hidden camera. You can't really blame the wait staff, management clearly doesn't hire enough servers for each shift. And you'd think for the amount of money they charge, they could afford some extra help. Service aside, at the heart of a great restaurant is the food - and the food here is surprisingly bad, I mean really bad, I'm talking - chef must be on craaack - bad. I live close so I find myself giving the place another try, always hoping it will get better. But it never does, it just seems to get worse. I can go to any other similarly ranged restaurant (i.e. Blairs across the street) and pay $35-40 for an entree that will come out delicious, hot, and as expected. At Endendale you're paying top price for slop - food with no care or thought put into it, thrown onto a plate and if you're luckly moderately warm. Save yourself the trouble - consider Edendale a watering hole only, and keep away from the food menu.


Phone: (323) 666-2000

Address: 2838 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039


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General Info
Edendale is open 7 nights a week for dinner, wine and cocktails. We also serve Sunday Brunch from 11am until 3pm. We feature an exciting cuisine called "Com-fusion", which is a fusion/blend of comfort foods from around the world (especially western Europe, eastern Asia and the southern part of North America). Essentially, it's the best feel-good foods that people everywhere love. The restaurant is located within a restored firehouse that was originally built in 1924. We have a separate full bar and a large outdoor patio for drinks or dining. We specialize in excellent service and quality food. Edendale is located in Silver Lake, close to Hollywood, Glendale, Downtown, Pasadena, Los Feliz, Eagle Rock and Echo Park. We look forward to serving you!Edendale is open 7 nights a week for dinner, wine and cocktails. We also serve Sunday Brunch from 11am until 3pm. We feature an exciting cuisine called "Com-fusion", which is a fusion/blend of comfort foods from around the world (especially western Europe, eastern Asia and the southern part of North America). Essentially, it's the best feel-good foods that people everywhere love. The restaurant is located within a restored firehouse that was originally built in 1924. We have a separate full bar and a large outdoor patio for drinks or dining. We specialize in excellent service and quality food. Edendale is located in Silver Lake, close to Hollywood, Glendale, Downtown, Pasadena, Los Feliz, Eagle Rock and Echo Park. We look forward to serving you!
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Phone: (323) 666-2001

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discover, all major credit cards
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East LA, Silver Lake

The Edendale Grill & Mixville Bar

Edendale Grill

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Parking: Street, Valet

Wi-Fi: No

Bike Parking: Yes

Attire: Casual

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Cuisines: Burgers, Brew Pubs, American, Hot Dogs, Bar & Grills

Alcohol: Full Bar

Takes Reservations: Yes

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Price Range : Average

Pets Allowed: No

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