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My husband and I went because of all the advertisement they were making over the radio! We called in advance to ask for the cover fee and they said before 10pm it?s free and after 10pm it?s $10/person. We thought that was cheap! We got there before 10 but there?s no parking around there so we had to use Valet and that was $15!! We waited in line for a while. The place looked small from the outside it?s right on a corner but we thought it would be bigger inside (NOT REALLY). By the time we got to the entrance it was after 10pm and they charged $20 for men and $15 for the ladies.. I told them I called before hand and they were rude and disregarded my comment. We thought we would just forget about it and have a good time so our first stop was the Bar. Drinks were pricey as everywhere in Hollywood. The place is TINY We headed to the dance floor and even though the DJ was playing nobody was dancing yet.. We waited until a few people started and began to dance. Within a few min the entire floor (which wasn?t that big to begin with) was packed.. So uncomfortable!! People were stepping on me.. pushing us as we danced.. almost Closter phobic!! Terrible. The people at the entrance were still charging and letting people in. Shouldn?t there be sort of limit! It was seriously exaggerating how many people were there! NEVER AGAIN!!



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Grand Opening at Joseph's by a Company Called East West Entertainment was off the chain. I think the name of it was CLUB CHAOS. Mixed crowd. Great DJ. There were to rooms of Music old school and new school. Door guy/ promoter Deshawn was very nice! no problems at the door if you were on the guest list you got in. No waiting in line. Guest list price was $10.00 dollars I WILL BE RETURNING. DRINKS WERE CHEAP. DJ PLAY TO 1:59 A.M.



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Bringing it back!

We went to Josephs a few weeks ago to check out what they were calling a grand opening for a new event there and we were vary pleased by the results!! The crowd there was so much fun, everyone was dancing, and the bar prices weren't terrible either. Hollywood Attire Events was the company that brought the place back to life, and the crowd was young, hot and happening and we cant wait to go back next Saturday! we are just happy to find a spot that has new faces and lots of great music and different music styles



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Horrible Service and Dance Floor

I was there for Bacherolette Party. They told us their dance floor is open until 2am when we made an arrangment. At 12:15pm, the DJ suddenly stopped the music without informing us. There were about 15-20 of us on the floor and had no idea what happend. DJ told us that the owner of this place decided to stop the music. It turns out that the owner was not satisfied with DJ since they were not briniging people in, so he decided not pay them after midnite. SO DJ decided to pull the plug. We were ???? on the floor since we were given no info. We got those info after complaining to the owenr that it is not professional to do so. His reponse. Sorry Ladies. No sincer apologies or anything like that. They did not tell the rest of the guest any of the exploation. Does he know that maybe he can just let the customers know that they are ending the music?? We were furious. We had plans to come back for happy hour but NO WAY!!! Better to go to the club down the street called FACCADE. We went there after we got kicked out and the guys there gave us free amdission since it was bacherollete party. Too BAD some of the restaurant just does not have common courtesy.



Provided by Citysearch
Great Happy Hour!

I came here with a big group on a Friday. The happy hour menu is great! Mostly everything is less than $5. The service was good, being that there was only one waitress for the whole spot. Her name was Jenny and she served us really well and was really pleasant! She makes a yummy peach martini! The spanikopita is the BOMB here! Try it!



Provided by Citysearch
superb customer service

This is a great restaurant for atmosphere and friendly and attentive service. Our waitress was especially sensitive to our particular needs from making sure that we were in a comfortable seating arrangement to making sure our glasses were continually full. The food was delicious and presented artfully. If you want to feel like you have taken a short visit to the metditerranean go there and enjoy. We will be coming back.



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Call me a glutton for punishment perhaps?

After reading the mixed user reviews on Joseph's, I decided to see what the hype (or lack thereof) was all about. I figured I would be rolling the dice on this one. I also realize that this restaurant/bar/club had it's hey-day come and go, but being new to the city, I wanted to see for myself.

I did arrive with my girlfriend early, around 6:30pm for dinner. The decor is very nice with a bar to one side of the restaurant and an outdoor patio as well. Unlike other users experiences, the host working was friendly and attended to us promptly. After sitting down our waiters were attentive and polite. I ordered the hummus to start off with as well as the crab cakes which were both excellent! My girlfriend ordered the Chicken Thessalonica. I have to say I wish I would of ordered this. Very good! I had the Chicken Souvlaki. Another excellent dish served with rice pilaf. The Haricot Vert served with it was some of the best I've tried. The price for the quality of food and ambiance was very reasonable. Just over $60 for 2 appetizers, 2 main courses and 4 cocktails. Afterwards, we stuck around for more cocktails and a little dancing as around 10:00pm the crowd started coming in and breathed life into the venue.

All in all a great place for dining and dancing. Don't let a few bad reviews sway you. The food alone is good enough to endure any sub-par service issues.



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hello~ anyone there?!

yeah, it was Empty! i think only one table was taken but to my surprise we didnt see any servers or workers! we stood there for couple minutes and but still no help... so we just took off!



Provided by Citysearch
Horrible Experience- Stay Away

I have never been treated so horribly at a restaurant before. The owner of this place is horrible. A prior reviewer had two words for the owner (rude and arrogant). I have a few more- hostile, insolent, and vulgar. We were a party of 16 for dinner at 8:30. The waitress was new and extremely slow. According to our waitress, she not only served, but also functioned as our bartender. She had to go and make all the drinks herself. No wonder she seemed MIA most of the night. We didn?t let the slow service bother us and tried to have a really good time. By the time our food arrived it was well after 10pm. After dinner, we placed a large dessert order and decided to go dance a little before the desserts were brought over. About 5 minutes after making it to the dance floor, the waitress came up to me on the dance floor and presented me with the check. I hadn?t even seen the dessert, much less eaten it before I was asked to pay for the entire bill. A bouncer said the tables were only held till 10pm and needed to leave the tables. Unbelievable! NEVER once were we told by ANYONE from the restaurant that our reservation was only good till 10pm. If they had, would we have knowingly only given ourselves 1 ? hours to have everyone show up, get their appetizers, get their drinks, place their orders, get their food, eat their food, order their desserts, and finish their desserts?all in 1 ? hours for 16 people? The owner came over and was extremely rude and belligerent. The amazing thing was the uneaten/unseen desserts were included in our bill and they had the audacity to include a 20% gratuity for the pleasure of being insulted and kicked off our table before we were done! Just a final note to place everything in perspective. We were not a young, rude, and out of control group. We were all middle aged professionals simply trying to have a good meal and a good time at a restaurant. This is what we got for spending over $1000 at this horrible place! STAY AWAY!



Provided by Citysearch
Great Staff & Food

Literally a favorite place of mine - the food is great (The Taste of Joseph's is fantastic and comes in smaller portions if you ask), the staff is always willing to help out, and while quiet - they do have a pretty good brunch on Sundays. I've been various times and was worried one night when it seemed to be a private event - you'd think they would turn people away but they didn't - well done Joseph's.



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Average drinks, cramped dance floor, second-hand smoke hotspot

I expected so much more, but oh, was I disappointed! The ""club"" should really be called ""three-walk-in-closet"" rooms filled with lots of hideous and undesirable articles of ""clothing"". Cover charge is reasonable ($10+) and drinks are mediocre, but the smoke-filled rooms and cheesy crowd makes this joint b-grade regardless of all the celebrity sightings; remember, most celebrities are former midwest transplants who are convinced they are of noble birth or somehow regal; so asinine. Btw, there weren't any of those famous mid-westerners that night. Avoid this place if you are looking for a cultured, diverse, un-pretentious, and tasteful hotspot. Don't get me wrong, I love celebs, but this joint fell way short of all its tooting. And as a future cosmetic surgeon, I saw enumerous prospective clients at this club; that's what the crowd consisted of: inadequately covered belly rolls, visible premature aging, and many hook noses. Food-wise, I can't advise about Joseph's because I dined at Lago's in Santa Monica.

People say clubs in L.A. are either a ""h*t"" or ""miss""; this one was a miss.



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never again!!!

i was not happy with my experience at joseph's. we went for dinner and the food took to long to get to the table, the service was ok, the food was cold and horrible! we had the chance to meet the owner...we could have done without that introduction. one word to sum up my experience with the owner...rude...oh more...arrogant. i LOVE to rant and rave about hotspots and this is DEFINITELY not one of them. sorry joseph's, but i will NEVER come back to your ""hotspot"". so speaking of ""hotspots""...check out avalon. it's RIGHT across the street from joseph's...we did & had a great time!!!



Provided by Citysearch
Hollywood's only mediteranian bar, restaurant and nightclub.

Chic Greek/Mediterranean supper club stirred by LAs most daring nightlife scene. World famous Monday nights are A list only. Other club nights are Th, F & Sa.
1775 N IVAR LOS ANGELES (323) 462-8697 Hours: M, W, F & Sa 10a-2a, 10a-11p T & Th, Closed Sunday. Happy Hour M-F 3-7, $2 Domestics, $4 well & wine, $5 tapas apps & free bites. Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner till 2am on Club Nights (11p on T & Th) Parking: Free Lunch Valet, $5 B4 10pm (or street). Club Nights: Mon- Enter LA (call for list), Fri- ReMix hip/hop, Sat- Siren hip/hop/80s/Disco/R&B/Old School. Voted Hollywoods best Happy Hour. Check out everything on joesephscafe com On Ivar 1 block N of Hollywood @ Yucca. Live music usually Jazz Fusion or Spanish Flamenco - call for details. Keep an eye out for new club dates, menu and chef coming this fall.



Provided by Citysearch
Average 'Joe'

This place is sooooo overrated. Service was horrible. Food was average. Reservations were made (party of five) and we were still rushed from our table after dining, so the so-called DJ can set up. Music was whack. But if you are looking for a Middle-Eastern man, this is the place to be, 'cause there were plenty to choose from.



Provided by Citysearch
Hoss Mondays @ Josephs

Just like our Great review on Hoss Thursday nites @ Red Buddha we want to say that these are our favourite 2 nites of all week. We love Josephs on a Monday, great crowd, great people.. Dont lose these 2 nites ever! Music is great and Bakdraft is amazin! Brandon, Ponz and casey are great too! Seeya Mondays and Thursdays!



Provided by Citysearch
NO GO!! DO NOT go here unless you like being mistreated AND harrassed!!!

We heard this was THE place to go and have a great time, but oh were they wrong! We were a group of six with plans to have dinner, drinks, and enjoy their supposedly great music and nightlife. And ended up with THE worst service imaginable. We sat at the table for 15 minutes before we were even asked about beverages. Once we got the drinks, we had to ask for our waiter twice before he showed. The food did not arrive for almost 45 minutes, and when it did they messed up two of our orders, and they offered to correct it, but the girls refused to wait yet again for their food, so they just ate what was selected for them. Once again we were ignored for refills, nor were we asked if the food was to our liking. The food was average, nothing to brag about. By the time we were ready to save the rest of the night and dance the night, we went onto the floor and two of our girls immediately started getting harrassed by 2 much older men (there were at least 5 more oggling the ladies) in a very unbecoming way.

You may count this vote as six people, because none of us would return.



Provided by Citysearch
Terrible service and vulgar people.

A very vulgar lounge, with vulgar hosts and crowd. The atmosphere was not welcoming at all, especially the ugly doorman who had his thoughts on money over good manners and basic ethics. If you enjoy hanging out with a primitive group of people with bad taste in music and clothing, then it is the place for you. 99% percent of the people who hang out here are a bunch of publicly accepted immodest snobs who pretend to possess class and culture. I'd much rather hang out on a street corner in Tunisia than this place, infact I would not even urinate in the restroom because I was so disgusted. STAY AWAY! Especially from the guy who collects money at the door, he's an imposter in disguise. The forty dollars for parking and entrance is nothing less than a rip off.



Provided by Citysearch
OVER RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With an overall score of 9.6 you would expect this place to be above average...but that is not the case. The service is terrible!!! The drinks are bad and expensive for the quality. This place is not a good happy hour locale. Avoid at all cost.



Provided by Citysearch
Great service!

My friends and I went on a Saturday evening for a bachelorette party. We arrived almost an hour late, but we were still seated promptly. Our server's name was Brenda and she was so friendly and helpful. She really made the evening for us, and made some great recommendations as well. The food was good, the tiramisu was wonderful! We stayed for some dancing too. The smoking was bothersome on the patio, but other than that, I would do it all again!



Provided by Citysearch
Customer Service Not a Priority

Luckily, we didn't need service once dinner was on the table because no one stopped by. No one checked in to refill water glasses or offer a second round of wine. No one inquired about the quality of the meal. No one tempted us with dessert. No one even smiled, come to think of it. The food was average, nothing special. You wouldn't tolerate the poor service and $10 valet for a decent plate of chicken and cous cous. The only plus for this place is the quaint outdoor patio. Indoor seating is dusty and drab. Ulysses at the Farmer's Market is a better experience.


Phone: (323) 462-8697

Address: 1775 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


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