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Harpreet M.
Edited: 02/05/2017
great sushi and fun place

they have some great sushi that you have to try:
-crab roll
-spicy tuna crispy rice
-shisheeto peppers
-tuna crispy onion

they will also custom make a dessert plate which is great if you go there for a birthday

Nancy E.



I love this place, my kids love suschi as much as I do. The ambiance is fabulous and the waiters are very courteous and cater to you. The music they have is very relaxing and I enjoy going here with family and or friends.

Amie S.


This is my most favorite sushi...

This is my most favorite sushi restaurant in LA. The atmosphere, the decor, the food all together creates that awesome upscale restaurant picture where each and every color is in its perfect place. The service is great and the staff really does a terrific job at taking care of you. Very chic atmosphere with a relaxing mood and the food, as expected, is always top notch. Must haves on the menu are; Salmon Sashimi with Caviar, Spicy Albacore with Crispy Onions and Sunset Roll. As for drinks, I always always order the Katsuya fresh and the grapefruit Cosmo. Every time I come here, I feel like I never want to leave. I LOVE Katsuya. Highly recommend!



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Great atmosphere good sushi

A little pricey but well worth it. Nice area nice restaurant and service was good. The views are great as well.

sima sandin


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Best food in town

Best food in town
Food is amazing. Every time I come here, I feel like I never want to leave. Very chic atmosphere with a relaxing mood.
The service is great and the staff really does a terrific job at taking care of you.
The appetizers are delicious.
Theres plenty of places to park: theres a parking lot across the street and a parkin garage up the street within walking distance.
Most of the time I find myself looking at my watch waiting for the food to come, but here I was so entertained with the fun atmosphere that I was pleasantly surprised when my food arrived



Good drinks, better food.

Stopped in here last week after several months of walking by and being curious. I was treated to a fantastic array of delicious sushi (Rock Shrimp Tempura roll was the best), and some great drinks from the wet bar. Ended up staying after the meal for another cocktail and really enjoyed the atmosphere: trendy but not too in-your-face clubby. I will definitely return for cocktail hour if not for another dinner very soon.



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Great service, better food.

I'll be honest. I had seen this place many times (often times with paparazzi huddling out front as some pop-tart dined within) and never gave it a fair chance. Finally my girlfriend dragged me to Katsuya on Hollywood and Vine kicking and screaming and I gotta say, I am eating crow right now. Katsuya is a fabulous restaurant.

Beyond the insanely mouthwatering food (my one ""you gotta get it!"" rec is the specialty rock shrimp tempura roll, but all of the sushi I sampled was pretty great), I was most pleasantly surprised by the courteous and attentive staff. Katsuya does indeed fit in well with the typical Hollywood ""too cool"" vibe, but the attention and advice I received from our server really made this experience for me.

I didn't want to go the first time, now I can't wait to return to Katsuya. Easily 5 stars.

Tony A.


Worth the trip

In from the East, I figured I would finally give Katsuya a spin... and I must say, I was very pleased. Being a huge sushi guy, I found the quality and taste to be exceptional. The cocktails also were very "enjoyable", considering I had a few. Don't let Hollywood aspect of this place drive you away, it's a fine place to dine.



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Awesome Sushi

This is my favorite Hollywood restaurant to goto. Not because you can see the stars, but because the food is very excellent. A DJ in the restaurant shows that this has the nightlife feel of a club in that area, but it's still a relaxed atmosphere. Katsuya lives up to the hype!

Yalla Balla


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Brazilian Carnival

Celebrate Brazilian Carnival for New Year's Eve at Katsuya Hollywood!! Live Music, DJ, and Dancers will get the night started while you enjoy a premium open bar, sushi, and Katsuya signatures from the kitchen starting at 9:30pm featuring a champagne toast and sweet treats at midnight.Table and Bottle service packages available.



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Some Good Chinese Food!

Katsuya has a great cuisine including sushi and chinese food! My very first time in this resturant was a fantastic experiance. This has to be one of my top favorite resturants along with the chi dynasty resturant in studio city, they are both such great chinese cuisines.



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Plastic Children's Chairs and High Prices

I was really looking forward to having dinner at Katsuya.
From Vine Street, it looks so fabulous and chic.
We went in and the front staff were polite and nice and seated us promptly...
The tables were a bit low and the chairs were plastic and apparently made for children.
I had trouble positioning my legs because of the cramped space.
Our waitress was nice and proceeded to tell us that they had several bars for serving food.. The ""wet bar"" is just their fancy way of saying this were the drinks come from.
The food was very over priced and not as good as many of the other sushi bars in town.
The drinks were also very expensive.
After two orders, we decided to leave and paid almost $100.00 for a total of 4 orders of sushi and two drinks.



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Overpriced, mediocre food

Went here for a birthday party. Our bill was discounted which brought it down to normal prices and I was still unsatisfied. The sushi was really just ok, comparable to that of 1/2 off lunch specials or party platters from costco/trader joe's. The 3 course dinner special equally sucked. Tried to do some fusion thing that really was just not working. It's a cool looking place I guess, but definitely not worth the prices they charge.

Foodie from NYC


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Not for sushi snobs

At this price point, stick with Nobu. And if you are a sushi snob from NYC, you won't be able to stomache this place. Skip it.



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worst sushi and getting worse

I've dined at Katsuya in Studio City, Katsuya in Encino, and Katsuya in Hollywood. I've lived in California for 8 years now and I have to say the food at the Encino and Hollywood locations has declined so much, today will be my last visit to Katsuya - period. I hate that I was even inclined to write this review because this used to be one of my favorite places to eat - lunch or dinner.

I ate at Hollywood Katsuya today with my husband and a friend. We were greeted properly at the door. Our seats were comfortable. And our server was great - super pleasant. But when the food started coming out I couldn't believe it. Our rock shrimp tempura was cold and looked like it had been sitting under a heat lamp forever (can't figure this out because there was only about 5 other people in the restaurant). And they must have butterflied the shrimp to get more out of it because they were the tiniest pieces of shrimp I've ever been served. This was super disappointing for two reasons: this used to be my favorite dish and how can you screw up fried shrimp? That was $17 for about 10 miniature pieces.

Then we ordered the other dish Katsuya is famous for: crispy rice and spicy tuna. It was so over cooked I thought I cracked my jaw trying to bite into the rice. And it tasted like butane. I was so sad because this was my other fav dish.

Next we ordered a plate of sushi: salmon, yellowtail belly, snapper, and albacore. The salmon was watered down, like it had been frozen. The yellowtail belly was ok. The snapper and the albacore were TERRIBLE. I eat sushi all the time so I know what it's supposed to taste like. For those of you reading this that are not regular sushi eaters, sushi is not supposed to taste fishy - THIS WAS SOOOO FISHY TASTING. And it was so obvious that they were trying to cover up the taste of the fish by drenching it with scallions and sauce. Yes, albacore is usually served with ponzu and onions but it's supposed to compliment the fish, not cover up the taste.

We also ordered some baked crab hand rolls - these were ok but on the skimpy side - mostly rice with hardly any crab. Again, cold and that made me sad.

So, 4 orders of sushi, 3 baked crab hand rolls, 1 order of crispy rice, 1 edamame, and 2 bottles of water = $145.00+ $27 TIP= $172 for LUNCH. Sound it out with me: pre-ten-tious.

For those of you that are reading this thinking that I'm a 300 pound woman that expects huge portions - not the case. I'm a pescatarian who LOVES sushi. And again, it saddens me to have to write this but I think people deserve to know that the quality of the Katsuya tradition has gone done considerably. Just because the economy is sad doesn't mean the food has to be - people are still willing to spend money but I won't for bad food.

Adam Rehmeier


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Katsuya Hollywood is bad news. It might be terrific dining for the Minnesota set---tourists easily impressed by the flashing lights of Hollywood Boulevard and the chance to dine of foods they've only read about in celebrity magazines---but for those who enjoy sushi on a regular basis, this place is a real let down. seriously. the menu is like a ""greatest hits"" of the Studio City or Encino Katsuya. Only the most popular dishes. No special menu. No life. No soul. It is the sushi equivalent to orange chicken and sweet & sour pork, or translated into American, Hamburgers & Fries.
This place is not only pretentious, but the prices are disturbingly skewed. For instance, creamy rock shrimp tempura is $17 here versus $11 - $12 in Studio City. Instead of giving you whole shrimp, they have quartered the shrimp and stylishly lump them on a shiso leaf---the only problem is, the order is about 1/3 of the size of the Studio City Katsuya. The baked crab hand roll was limp and pathetic---hope you like a 3-1 mayo-to-crab ratio. We had some nigiri sushi: Yellowtail Belly, Snapper, Albacore, and Salmon. The yellowtail was actually decent and fatty, but the snapper, albacore, and salmon were bottom-barrel. Truly. And covered with pickled ginger and micro-cut scallions. The taste was overwhelming. I believe there was fish somewhere in there. One bite and I knew why they were covering for this poor fish that was probably frozen for over a month. It's just sad. The staff was friendly and courteous. No complaints there. But I really love a sushi place that is trying to get you in and out and paying attention to you, constantly checking in on you to see if you're ready to order more. The wait staff is very lax here, mostly actors with big dreams, so don't be surprised if you don't see them for five to ten minutes. A very light lunch for 3 came to $185 w/ tip. When i say light, i mean light. And that, my friends is pure BS. I'd tell you where to go in town, but to be honest, i really don't want to corrupt my favorite spots in LA. i'd rather those places just stayed focused on delivering amazing quality fish. The tourists don't care anyways. They just want to sit in a restaurant that doesn't have a smoking section and eat radically foreign stuff like edamame. Try Little Tokyo if you want the real thing. Down with pretentious LA sushi!



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Delicious (although pricey) drinks!

Seven of my girlfriends and I stumbled upon Katsuya while looking for a pre-Pantages (Legally Blonde-OMG U GUYS) drink! The parking attendant at Pantages suggested Katsuya and while I had heard great things about it I had never been there myself (like sushi but don't LOVE IT).

Upon walking in through the doors the first thing you see is the bar (YAY). We were greeted by the hostesses in a friendly manner and we maneuvered our way past these giant holographic looking cubes (with knives) to the bar. Surprisingly we were able to find a bunch of seats together (for the review that said there were no chairs at the bar...I have no clue what they are referring to). I honestly thought the bartender was going to get annoyed with us because we moved twice (found more chairs) and informed him that we were all paying separately (sorry!). However, he was super nice, gave us a friendly smile, commented on our pink outfit theme, in Legally Blonde style, and made some good suggestions. The Burning Mandarin is delish if you like something tangy and spicy and unique. It reminded me of the Lucas bar from the paletero or something with Tamarind. The other reccomendation, if you like mojitos, is the Watermelon Cucumber Mojito yummy! We didn't have any food but we sure enjoyed the $14 drinks. I think they are worth it but I guess since money is not an issue for me it didn't hurt me to pay so much for a drink. I will say though they COULD be like $10-$12 since the portions (especially the martinis) are pretty small. I could have had 5 of those things in a few minutes...

As for a few of the reviews that state they were discriminated against due to race etc. Well I will tell you that while we didn't have dinner, so I can't speak about the service there, we never felt that this was an issue with a group of 8 Latina women. Additionally, while I don't think any of us are ogers we are not model looking or super skinny or any of the descriptions that some of the reviews stated you had to be in order to be treated well. Our group ranged in age from 21 to 31 and in sizes from a 5 to an 18 and we were always treated with respect. The bartended (didn't catch his name) was attentive and not once did I feel uncomfortable or intimidated at this establishment. Trust me, even though there were 10+ degrees between the 8 of us and we are highly educated, professional women, our casual look and our preference for speaking Spanglish can sometimes be frowned upon. I have been at many places where people assume that we are just some ""Latinas from the block"" and make you feel that way without knowing that we have great careers and are highly educated. However, at Katsuya this never even crossed my mind! I will check out the dinner next time and will let you know if I get good service.

THE GIST: If you are looking for a good drink before catching a Broadway show this is a good spot. Walking distance from Pantages.

Pros: Yummy drinks, friendly bartenders, beautiful decor and ambiance

Cons: Drinks are Pricey average at $14. While I can understand this for some of the fancier drinks (Burning Mandarin-yum) my friend ordered gin and paid the same for a small shot. A bottle of it costs $14 -come on!



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This is a place with 3 star food and a 4 star scene. Take guests here from out of town and they'll feel they went all Hollywood for a night! :) Aw, so cute. Seriously, I go just for the burning mandarin martini ... normally I don't do flavored vodka and definitely not Absolute, but, it works in this drink so don't mess with it :) - Cheers bottoms up

Ru red1


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Melt in your mouth sushi!

The food here is A++. Me and a group of friends went for a friend's birthday. When our party arrived, they walked us to our table, they pull back curtains and revealed a private room for our group of 8. It was FANTASTIC. Our waitress was super attentive (although there is quite a bit of running around that goes on, as it is such a busy establishment). She was wonderful. The fish is soo fresh, it is amazingly wonderful. I had the jalepeno yellowtail sashimi for appetizer and it is to die for. Along with that I had the crispy rice with spicy absolute favorite dish. I wasn't that fond of the shisito peppers appetizer (it was a little underseasoned it needed a bit of acid or something). And the miso soup was classic. For dinner I had a spicy tuna sushi roll with rock shrimp on top of it (EXCELLENT) and salmon sushi (SUPER FRESH). I recently went to the Brentwood location and loved the ambiance even's more rectangle and large (as opposed to the hollywood location that is split into areas and divided by the reception/bar area. Both are uber trendy and the food was equally excellent at both locations. The creme brulee was pretty good.. and I also had an apple tart like thing...which was decent. Bottom line is that I'm a huge sushi fanatic and the freshness and quality is exceptional at these two restaurants. I'm gonna try Nobu next and let you know what I think!



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best sushi we ever tried

my mum and i had a short break in LA and was booked this table at katsuya by friends. as we'd never eaten sushi before we were a bit apprehensive. we arrived on a Sunday night to very friendly staff and shown straight to our table, the waiter that we had was brilliant and very helpful we explained we'd not eaten this before and he basically ordered for us and thank god he did. it was delicious and he couldn't have ordered better. Also the puddings were fab! it was quite expensive but we enjoyed it and came from England to try it! our only gripe was when the taxi driver dropped us off we were a little scared!!!! there were lots of people hanging about outside the door.


Phone: (323) 871-8777

Address: 6300 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


More Info

Katsuya represents the prodigious pairing of the supreme talents of master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi and world-renowned designer Philippe Starck. The Sushi Bar is where celebrated chef Katsuya Uechi practices his trade of creating sushi masterpieces, using the freshest ingredients to create a dizzying array of custom rolls and spectacular sushi and sashimi platters. The Katsuya “Liquid Kitchen” creates some of California’s most intriguing and sought-after cocktails.

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General Info
The recipient of Travel & Leisure’s 2008 award for Best-Design restaurant, Katsuya’s second outpost, at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, features the dynamic pairing of master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi and world-renowned designer Philippe Starck. A slight departure from its flagship Brentwood location, the décor at this locale is a bit more provocative- a reflection of its Hollywood environs. Katsuya Hollywood’s main dining room is anchored by a large Sushi Beat flanked by individual seats as well as two and four-person tables that can be served directly from the sushi chefs. Double-height ceilings create an airy, open space with four large black Noren curtains featuring the kanji symbol for Katsuya hanging from the ceiling above. Patrons can chose from multiple seating areas, either in the main dining room by the Susi Bar, or the more exclusive Dragon Lounge.
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all major credit cards, discover
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Designed by Philippe Starck, Katsuya Hollywood offers two private dinning rooms and an exclusive Dragon Lounge with an upscale VIP setting for private dinner parties and special events. The menu offers an unparalleled selection of Japanese cuisine by C
Central LA, Central Hollywood
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Parking: Street, Lot

Wi-Fi: Free

Bike Parking: No

Attire: Dressy

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Cuisines: Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Asian, Thai, Sushi, Chinese, Pan Asian

Alcohol: Full Bar

Takes Reservations: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Pets Allowed: No

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