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fine food but didn't live up to the hype

I was thrilled to be sitting at Mozza Pizzeria on a Saturday night! After at least a couple of years or more of hearing about how great it is I couldn't wait!
Our server was really good, she was patient, answered a few questions we had about the menu and although she was really busy never made us feel rushed. Now onto the food... I had the chopped salad (good but not great) meatballs (they were delish) and my husband and I shared a Panini. The wine was kind of weak (I was really surprised at that) but I ended up with an expensive glass of ""headache"" wine and the food excluding the meatballs was just okay. My meal was nothing tI would ever talk about, come back for or remember. Sorry Mozza, we must have caught you on an off night and sometimes too much expectation can ruin things...not your fault!



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Great Food

Great Pizza Place. Real Crowded but the Desserts made up for it.



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Had a great time at Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza tonight!

We had Fried squash blossoms with ricotta and
Crispy goat cheese with Umbrian lentils to start,

Then two kinds of Pizza’s: Coach farm goat cheese, leeks, scallions, garlic & bacon and Fennel sausage, panna, red onion & scallions

Served with the smoothest vino that didn’t compete with the fantastically seasoned food!

Ended with Meyer Lemon gelato pie with Champagne vinegar sauce & candied lemon zest for dessert

EVERYTHING tasted so good and the staff was so on point, I just had to write a review, keep up good work Mario!



Not enough space.....

Come on guys. If you are doing so well and are so busy, how about expanding or moving to a new space? Hour wait times to sit at the bar or having to book a table weeks in advance. I like your food but after a while I stopped bothering.



Mario Batali at a discount price

I'm sure I am preaching to the choir of die-hard fans of Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's neighborhood pizzeria. IF your neighborhood happens to be in a star-studded area of Hollywood. The people-watching and the star-gazing are almost as good as the pizza, which is pretty sublime. Given that I've tasted pretty much everything on the menu, I can say that with a dash of confidence.

The only drawback is that you have to make reservations well in advance. Otherwise, you run the risk of appearing like the dog begging for scraps at the table if you dare to show up with a reservation. And when you finally get seated, it could be well past the 11th hour (literally).

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Great Service, Vibrant, Fennal Sausage Pizza

Our party of four was treated well ----- If you want a quieter spot Try a seat in the wine cellar style area behind a wall at the rear -- The main dining area is vibrant and full of activity and madness----- wine list reasonable, pleasant wait staff, --- a booking is normally a necessity unless you want to wait hours for a table or make do with the bartop------ The place was FULL on a tuesday evening and the waiter said that was a ""quiet night"" and its apparently been that way for the whole 3 years its been open ---Great Beverly Hills Pizza Place

Kid McGuire


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Thursday at Mozza in LA. Well, worse than ""eh"" really. Mildly upsetting. 5:45 sitting The whole focus of the meal was to move us along and get us out before the 8:00 sitting. Everything about the service was wrong. The waiter wanted to order for us, overheard telling the bus guys to ""get us out."" Gave us no time to look over the menu. Came to our table six times to get our order. Didn't want us to decide for ourselves what wine to order and, sort of grabbed the menu from my wife, and asked whether she knew anything about Italian wines. implying that letting her see the list wouldn't do her any good, whereupon she said that she takes price into consideration when ordering wine, whereupon her he said,""Well, the cheapest wine we have is $11/glass,"" and then proceeded to disparage that as a choice. (As though taking price into consideration is something a thinking person would ever do--unlike Mario whenever he orders anything.)

So, won't go there again. Too bad too because the food was very good and we had fun in spite of it all.

Kid McGuire

Kika Davis 2


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Can't Get A Res? Sit At The Bar!

The mecca for all high-end pizza in LA, Pizzeria Mozza sure aint your weekly delivery place (and if it is, make sure I'm invited to your next house party). Reservations are highly required if you sit at a table - otherwise try for the bar - which provides communal dining and a chance to see all the action in the kitchen.

Kasra Saboktakin


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Beyond overrated!

I was very tempted when I heard about this place, especially after looking at the pictures on the internet. To my disappointment, this place is way overrated.
I checked the working hours online and it said that they're open till midnight. I went there on tuesday night around 11:25 pm. First of all the Hostess wanted to sit us on a table literally attached to another table with two people. When we requested to sit somewhere else, First she refused and after 10 seconds she changed her mind and tried to co operate with us.
We ordered fries squash blossoms with ricotta as the appetizer, which was good. We ordered a mixed salad and their so called ""meat lovers"" pizza which has bacon, Salami, fennel sausage, Guanciale, Tomato and mozzarella. The salad was ok, Because the dressing was a bit sour. To my disappointment, the pizza was very bland! the only good thing was the dow and the sausage. So we asked for the menu again to order another pizza. The waiter told us that they don't serve anymore food because it's midnight! Usually when you go somewhere and it's late, they let you know that the kitchen is about to close . But they didn't
After that mediocre pizza, we ordered Cannoli de ricotta and meyer lemon gelato pie for dessert. The desert was good. But the waiter was literally staring at us for almost 5 minutes! He was just trying to rush us to finish, so they can close and get out of there faster.
And after such a weird experiment, when I was about to leave the place, I said goodbye to the hostess on my way out and she didn't even reply!
I don't think I'll eat there again. I prefer to eat somewhere with more friendly staff and delicious food.



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pizza pretends to be a NY pizza

this pizza fools you for a second, nice crust, great smell, then you taste it, you think you just drank a glass of wine. i hate pizza that tries to taste like something it's not, and i hate alcohol, so that's too bad, it could have been a great pizza, by the way, a tiny pizza costs as much as a large at lido pizza, which has been around for 50 years, too bad, really disappointed.



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I went here last weekend for dinner with friends and had the prosciutto- I was feeling a bit brave, I usually never order things that I'm not used to. To my delight it was absolutely delicious! The staff were so accommodating and friendly as well, this place has inspired me to venture out and find new places and try new foods. Highly recommended!



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Cupcake incident

I've been a avid fan of this place for years now. I've gone for every Valentine's Day, birthday, Anniversary and whenever out of town friends are in LA. Just went for my birthday and had a very unfortunate experience which I will refer to as the ""Cupcake Incident""
My friends and I went on Saturday night to what used to be my favorite place. we each ordered a pizza, and got a couple appetizers and got THREE bottles of wine. Around dessert time, my fiance asked the waitress as a heads up that we brought 5 cupcakes from my favorite bakery in Bakersfield. She said that we could eat them but that if we needed a plate, there would be a $5 plate charge per person since it's outside food.
Since we didn't want to pay the ridiculous $5 per person charge, the 5 of us, shared 2 cupcakes. A busboy came boy and offered us plate (which we did not ask for), so we took 2 plates. We even ordered ice cream as dessert. The bill came out to $300 for 5 of us and the bill had $25 extra on it for the plate charge. (of which, we didn't even get 5 plates and 3 of us didn't even eat the cupcake).
Mind you, I had had a bit to drink at this point, but i was upset that they would be ridiculous w/ this add'l charge. I demanded I speak to the manager and we got the $25 taken off but only after I talked to the manager about the $25 charge. The manager said that bringing cupcakes is like bringing pizza from another restaurant and is in ""poor taste"". F u manager. It's not like I brought a Domino's pizza in for 4 ppl and then 1 person ordered an appetizer at Mozza. We ordered 3 bottles of wine, each got a entree, got appetizers and a dessert. 2 of us ate a cupcake from my favorite bakery for my birthday! (mind you, Mozza doesn't even carry cupcakes). I'm re-thinking this whole place all together.
It ruined my birthday and my perception of this place. It had been my very favorite restaurant to go to for 2 years. I have been to this place at least 20 times.
Also, every single time I go, the valet cost seems to go up. Every single time. Soon, it'll be $20 to park there. Just saying.



Provided by Citysearch

As long as you phone ahead and speak to someone, you will get a reservation and believe me, there is no wait once you have one. You arrive, you sit, and like me you'd enjoy a glass of Prosecco and begin tasting what Mozza has to offer on the menu! My fav dish is the Burratta Caprese and the Pizza with Prosciutto! Try it.. you will LOVE everything! OH.. Don’t forget the Chop Salad!



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felf unwanted and a bit akward

So we ended up going because a co-worker said it was the best pizza in town. Rushed home after work, picked up the wife and went to the restaurant. I guess from reading all the other reviews we were lucky to be given a 30 minute wait. That wasn't the end of the world but the host told us we can wait at the bar but the bar was packed. No were else to wait so we left. The other reason we left was because everybody there was so overdressed and we felt like we were being eyeballed. Anyways, we went to the take out section where the guy told us the pizza here was different than we were used to and we'd probably be best going to Numero Uno. I acknowledged that I knew the pizza wasn't the norm and had heard great reviews from this place so we wanted to try it out at least once. I told us it was expensive. I repeated my statement to him. He asked if I spoke spanish and started speaking to me in spanish calling me homie or something. He told us he'd even throw in an extra desert. I was okay with it but it almost felt like charity. Whatever. Pizza was alright I guess but not going back.



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Hurrah! for Nancy Silverton

Oh, my. The first time I ate here it literally changed my life (in a small but significant way.)

I am a pastry chef myself, and for the last two years I've been forced, in my current job, to make all the pizzas at a very busy hotel/bar/restaurant in addition to the desserts. I used to resent the pizzas and give them no love at all, but after eating at Pizzeria Mozza I have been on a quest to replicate Nancy's beautiful dough.

It probably doesn't matter much which toppings you order. It's all about the crust. Having said that, I did have my preferences. The toppings are very, very good. The quality of the ingredients is almost palpable. The salami/tomato/mozzarella pizza excellent, but the slow-roasted broccoli pizza was a revelation. In addition to being delicious, it was fascinating. I was eating it with a level of concentration I've rarely given any food. The crust was very crisp outside, but airy, steamy, and webbed with moist, open bubbles inside. It was everything a pizza crust should be. I think I understand the complaints about the cornice being too wide, because sometimes it seems the toppings are falling into the middle of the pie and the crust dominates. But I think that's just a style choice that this particular genius of a baker has made. Or maybe sometimes it just goes a little far. Keep in mind that bread dough is actually a living thing; it can't be 100% predictable.

People who don't understand the process have made comments about how the dough is ""nothing special,"" but that is obviously not true. It may not be what you expect, but it is absolutely special.

The other two times I went to Mozza, I was slightly less amazed, but I think I know why. I sat at the pizza bar each time, saw my own pizzas being made, and timed how long they baked. The first time, the amazing time, they pizzas were in the oven only four minutes. The next two times, they were seven and twelve (!) minutes, respectively, with correspondingly diminishing quality.

The way I got a seat in the place was by waiting out front at 11:30 and being among the first to step through the door. I think some slacker had failed to light the fire on time (or tend it properly) and it just wasn't hot enough yet those two times.

Keep in mind, Mozza has never promoted itself as ""vera pizza Napolitana,"" so don't expect Naples on a plate. Her pizza is different, but, I believe, every bit as good.



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who books for a slive of pizza a month in advance ..?

How many of you have gotten this restaurants ""we dont have any reservations available except 5pm and 10pm?"" ... well I can say I have gotten this everytime I have called. I call horse pucky. I am in this business and know that there is not any way this restaurant is COMPLETELY reserved months in advance. I wish them luck with their 15 minutes and hope they have a plan beyond this common ""lets pretend we are oh so popular"" restaurant game. This is only going to work for them for so long. These New Yorkers will soon learn that Los Angelinos have a long memory.

I have actually ""gotten into this side"" one time and honestly it was pleasantly unmemorable. It was bad beet salad and pizza. Dont buy the hype.



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best pizza in la

freshest ingredients makes this the best pizza in los angeles, especially when the owner is there to oversee the pizzas that come out the oven.



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Great Pizza!!

Really enjoy the pizza and the atmosphere at Mozza. Over the course of my visits there I have had the Fennel Sausage, the Prosciutto, and the Tomato Mozzarella pies, all very good. Sit at the bar if the wait for a table is too long, the food will taste the same.



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This place got the bombest italian food. I think its even better than the food in italy. Its on the corner of melorse and highland. Very nice spot!



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it's true :(

I have been to Osteria Mozza several times and have had nothing but excellence. I've always read countless scathing reviews of the host staff and could never relate. Well, I had lunch at Pizzeria Mozza for the first time today and discovered that, perhaps only on their side of the building, the hostess was one of the most overtly rude and and pretentious I've ever met. Half of us arrived for our 12:30 reservation on time to a near-empty restaurant. The hostess said she would do us the ""favor"" of seating us then, but if the rest of our party didn't arrive within 10 minutes, we would be forced to order for them. I fully understand not seating incomplete parties, but we did not need the speech that followed of how popular the restaurant is, how many other reservations there were, etc. (Cut to an hour later: now half-full.) It was a complete turn-off. I ask that any hostess fulfill their job of controlling the flow of seating for the kitchen andwait staff WHILE being warm and inviting. As a 6-year service industry veteran and now frequent diner, no place, no matter how popular, should make you feel like they're doing you a favor. I don't think I will be back.


Phone: (323) 297-0101

Address: 641 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036


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Widely recognized as one of the best pizzerias in the country, Pizzeria Mozza is known for its California ingredients and a much-talked-about crust. In the words of the New York Times's Frank Bruni: "[the crust is] soft chewy in spots, crisply charred in others, ever so faintly sweet, even more faintly sour." "Both tender and crackling crisp on the bottom, blistered and smoky from the wood-burning oven" wrote the Los Angeles Times in its 2007 review. Pizzeria Mozza is an expression of Nancy Silverton's unique aesthetic and approach to cooking: focused but not fussy, straightforward and always uncompromisingWidely recognized as one of the best pizzerias in the country, Pizzeria Mozza is known for its California ingredients and a much-talked-about crust. In the words of the New York Times's Frank Bruni: "[the crust is] soft chewy in spots, crisply charred in others, ever so faintly sweet, even more faintly sour." "Both tender and crackling crisp on the bottom, blistered and smoky from the wood-burning oven" wrote the Los Angeles Times in its 2007 review. Pizzeria Mozza is an expression of Nancy Silverton's unique aesthetic and approach to cooking: focused but not fussy, straightforward and always uncompromising
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Phone: (323) 866-5300

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Central LA, Greater Wilshire
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Parking: Street, Valet

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Cuisines: Italian, European, Continental, Pizza

Alcohol: Beer, Wine

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