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Loraine H.



what can i say, this place is the perfect neighborhood italian restaurant. if i ever move, i am hoping i can take terroni with you. it's truly authentic italian food and the waiters are authentic italians as well. go and enjoy!

Anon One


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Control Freaks

I do not recommend Terroni's to anybody.

Today, my sister and I went to lunch there. My sister is pregnant with twins. She was craving butter with her bread. Her doctor told her that dairy products are good for her during the pregnancy. She requested butter with her bread and the restaurant refused to give her butter.

She begged for butter and the manager said ""no"". The manager of the restaurant actually said ""they don't eat butter in Italy"". I explained to this misguided man that we are not in Italy but in the United States of America.

They also don't serve ice tea in Italy. When I asked for ice tea in Italy, they didn't have it. So, these people serve ice tea but no butter.

They forced my sister not to follow doctors orders by refusing to give her butter.

I wonder if I could put an official complaint through to the department of health. Is it legal for a restaurant to refuse to give you butter for your bread?

They said that we had olive oil or nothing.

These people are not after what's important. They are not interested in serving their clients. They are acting like Momma and telling you what you can or cannot have with your meal.

After serving us that slop, how dare them ask for money?

My sandwich was loaded in oil. My sandwich was loaded in calories. It was so heavy. Yet, they serve no butter? It's a con. A hoax, pretending that they are something that they are not!

I will never, ever eat there again.

There are so many delicious Italian restaurants, much more authentic than this one and guess what, they will give you butter!

I have eaten at some very fine restaurants that I have ordered off the menu. I have said at one of the best French Restaurants in the country, I just want a hamburger and I laughed. The fine French restaurant said that if I wanted a hamburger that is what I was going to have.

I was at the best Restaurant in the United States, in New Orleans, their chicken dish, I asked them if I could just have it fried and they said ""of course"".

But, you go to a mediocre restaurant in Los Angeles and ask for butter and they say ""in Italy there is no butter"".

Of course, there is butter in Italy. Outrageous!

In fact, grass fed beef butter is very healthy for you!

Good Bye Terroni!



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Horrible Customer Service

My fiance and I tried to book their private room for a private party. We informed the events coordinator of the date we wanted; 12/10. She said that was great and she invited us to come in and see the private event room. We went in and checked it out. It looked good. We again confirmed the date with her; 12/10. No problem.

A few days later she calls us up and tells us that the owner has usurped all of the Saturday dates in December for their own personal events. This was not only annoying, since we had begun to inform our guests of the date of our event, but also a pretty poor way of doing business. We then contacted the coordinator and plead our case. She said she'll talk to the owner. She came back a few days later and again said 12/10 is not a problem and she will send the credit card authorization form. Well, she never did and a few days later she calls us to inform us once again that the owner has taken back 12/10, and all Fridays and Saturdays in December. Wow. We were dumbfounded that they could inform us this date was available multiple times and then just snatch it away again like Lucy with the football for Charlie Brown.

We then asked to speak with the owner, who called us and was INCREDIBLY rude and could not comprehend why we were upset. She said (paraphrase) ""I can see why you have been so hard to deal with."" Basically, she was unapologetic and blaming us for their incompetence.

In summary, DON'T EVER try to book a private event at Terronis. The staff is unhelpful, inconsiderate and they will screw you on the date they allegedly promise you they have available.



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Worst in Los Angeles

The lady hostess who seated us was the only good thing. She was very welcoming. After we sat it was all downhill. We asked for extra tomatoes on a pasta, and per the server, it was impossible. We asked for the manager, whom when spoken Italian to, answered in English. ""We cannot compromise our dishes for a little girl"" was his response (referring to my 3 year old who the dish was for.) Together with a twosome, we were the only ones in the place for lunch. He was incredibly ride, arrogant and unprofessional. By then, some food had come and it was as tasteless as the decor. Nothing tasted authentic Italian; the Italian America joints and even Pizza Hut is better.

charles sims


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A Italian Cafe With Class

My long-distance girlfriend was in town so. I really wanted to impress her. I asked a co-worker where they thought I should take her and they recommended this place. After walking in I was immediately taken aback by the decor. Extraordinarily well designed and put together. Although it had the feel of an Italian cafe, I did not feel overdressed one bit. My girlfriend and I were greeted by both the hostess as well as the owner and taken to our seats promptly. I have read about how much people hate waiting in line, but we walked in the door and were taken to our table within seconds. The atmosphere was lively as it was a Friday night at 8, but service was prompt. The waitress greeted us and took our drink orders and let us be. When I am out on a date I have always liked when a waitress gives you time to talk and doesn't make you feel like they are rushing you out of the place. Next the owner herself came up and greeted us, which made both of us feel really special, she gave us her recommendations which both sounded amazing, and then she personally took our orders. Once again my date and I were given enough time to talk before our food came out. The food was great! Not overcooked like many Italian restaurants I have been to out here in LA. Once again the owner came up to ask us how our meal was which was more than we could ask for! We ended out with the chocolate cake which was to die for! soft, moist and chocolaty outside, with warm fudge on the inside!! Content with ourselves we asked for the check, once again not being rushed whatsoever, and paid the bill. Overall, I thought Terroni was exactly what I was looking for. Great food, great service, and no rush! Plus it was somewhere I felt confident I could take someone and impress them without feeling like it was a place every highschooler went for prom.

Greg I.


Great food and atmosphere, but get there early

If you are looking for very good Italian food and a cool scene, Terroni is a good choice. The bar scene is pretty good although crowded. The appetizers are excellent as is the pizza. I think I had ham pretty much on everything so couldn't go wrong. I found the service to be pretty good. However, since they don't take reservations I would definitely be there early or prepare to wait.



Not Great Service, But Good Food

I agree with the other reviews that the service is lacking - slow, not attentive and un-interested. But the food is pretty tasty. I love their simple pizzas and pastas are pretty good too. To bad the service does not live up to the food.



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Do not go here if you prefer good service!

I really wish I had read these comments prior to going to this restaurant. The WORST service in the world!!! Our waiter was literally acting as if we were lucky to be seated there. Never were we offered another drink, our water glasses remained empy and when I asked for our bill, I was given a look of annoyance where he held up his finger and said rudely, ""wait"". But the best was my asking for parmesan cheese. I had steak with some cooked greens and I like to add a little cheese to the greens. When I asked, I was told ""no"". He then walked off. When the bill finally arrived, I told the waiter that my meal could have been better had I had the cheese and that as a CUSTOMER, I should be allowed to have what I want with my dinner. He said the cheese would ruin the taste of the meat. Um, okay, I wasn't going to put it on my meat. I was putting it on greens that had been cooked in a bit of oil. Not really gonna ruin the taste of something I could make at home. So, in my annoyance of horrible service, our expensive dinner became a bit cheaper since no tip was given. I've been a server and I know how to handle customers and Terroni, I am amazed you're still in business. I hope you go under-food was NOT that spectular and service was abhorent!

Robert Boos


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We did enjoy the food, the service, the room is a bit loud but lends itself to a Manhattan vibe and you have to like that in the land of weather (LA)...we did like this place until we found they had doubled up on our tip more than a week after we had visited them...hmm. The office Manager admitted the ""Mistake"" and told my wife, well, sorry but tough. I personally drove over to confront the situation and met the manager who seemed sincere enough, took my card and stated he was going to credit us back the tip, as it turned out he totally shined me...I hope he had a good laugh...most of my friends are in the Entertainment business and I've already gone viral on Facebook...check your accounts if you've been there recently to make sure there are no ""Mistakes"" on your account(s)...I guess they aren't making enough money, but who is these days...gouging your customers? Not good but outright stealing, not acceptable...BUYER BEWARE...



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Best Italian Restaurant in LA

Amazing simple Italian food, best I've found in Los Angeles since moving back from Milan.

Simple fish and meat dishes as starter and entree, great pizza, and prepared as they should be and would be in Italy with good fresh ingredients.

The customer service complaints seem to be because the restaurant owners want you to taste something as it should be. Take a risk and follow them :-)



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Being the the service industry, everyday me and my asscoiates go out of our way to give the best customer service! Why in this economy, when restaurants are closing by the hundreds everyday, would a manager not give a customer what they want.? Shame on you TERRONI!
I would fire every single person that works there starting with the manager!
And who ever the owner is, you have no business running a restaurant! You will be another statistic soon, because customers do not need to be treated that way!
After reading this review, I will tell all my firends not to eat there! See, you should have given the Guy From LA his cheese and olive oil! This is going be the most expensive olive oil you have seen! I'd say thousands if not tens of thousands in business!



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Worst Customer Service in LA

I was meeting a business associate at this restaurant for dinner. I arrived at the restaurant early and got seated. After a few minutes, the bus boy brought a tiny mini-saucer with about an ounce of olive oil (literally) and bread to the table. I asked him if he could bring one more saucer of the olive oil because there were two people eating. There were two reasons for this. First it was such a minute amount, it would not be enough for two people, and second because I don;t think it is appropriate to be swabbing bread in a tiny saucer with a business associate you have never met. Not much to ask at a fairly pricey restaurant. I was abruptly put in my place and told that this is very expensive olive oil and that was all I was going to get. Temporarily stunned and not believing what I was hearing, I said ok and asked him to bring me a side of Parmesan cheese. I happen to like Parmesan cheese and olive oil with my bread. Sue me. On this 'ridiculous request' that I seemed to be making I was once again told, ""No, you cannot have any cheese. That is not allowed."" At this point, after only being seated for 5 minutes and having somebody so rudely greeting me, I was literally starting to boil over. I told the bus boy I wanted a side of Parmesan cheese and he once again said ""No you are not getting any.""

At that point I told him to send the manager to the table. When the manager arrived I thought I was going to finally get an apologetic ear but to my surprise the manager was even ruder. She told me ""I'm sorry that is not allowed. It ruins the taste of the olive oil."" I said to her that I like Parmesan cheese with my olive oil and I decide what is good for my taste buds or not. Once again she said ""The chef has made the decision that the food should be eaten the way he prepares it."" It's not a food dish I told her. It's the olive oil you dip your bread into. I explained that I was about to drop $100 on a pasta dinner and that if I wanted some Parmesan cheese with my microscopic saucer of olive oil, I should be able to get it. I sincerely believed at that point she would say ""Ok...this time, but we can't do it again."" BUT NO. She replied ""I'm sorry but we do not allow any substitutions on the menu"". I told her this wasn't a substitution, I wanted a freakin' little side of Parmesan cheese. Once again the answer was . ""NO""

If I had not been meeting someone for business, I would have gotten up and walked out of the restaurant. Unfortunately it was not the time or place to do so, so I sat there and dealt with it. When I got my ridiculously over-priced pasta dish for dinner, I couldn't even ask for Parmesan cheese in fear they would have said no and I would have flown off the handle.

What a miserable restaurant. Mediocre food, over-priced and absolutely no clue as to how to make a paying customer happy. I paid the bill, but now I will tell everyone I know, and post reviews telling people not to go to this horrific restaurant.

There are far better Italian restaurants in LA that actually respect their customers.

For the 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese they could have put on my table, they will now lose thousands of dollars in potential business because this review be posted in multiple places.

I hope they like the taste of THAT.



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Not Customer Friendly

They're nuts. Ordered a pasta but wanted them to omit garlic b/c I'm alergic. ""Oh no"" says the waitress. The chef knows best, we can't have any changes to the dish.
What? does the ego-maniacal chef want to pay the bill too? Didn't want to make a scene so chose something else -- tho it didn't appeal to me as much as the other -- except without garlic. Then asked for tea with lemon. ""Oh no!"" says the brilliant 20-year old know it all. No lemon with tea. ""It intereres with the taste.""

Long story short -- we left.



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Good food...service, notsomuch :(

I have been to Terroni three times and enjoyed every bite I've taken there. BUT, as is sadly the case in many LA restaurants, the food far eclipses the service, leaving me frustrated. Now that Chefs are stars, there is great food at more and more places...but someone seems to have forgotten that we go out looking for a full experience. Maybe there should be a Top Server show to inspire better service.

In this economy, going out to eat is more of a luxury than a hobby; my friends and I don't mind spending a good amount of money on a good dinner out, but we want to feel taken care of. Also note that in this economy, I would think servers would try harder as there are more people waiting in the wings to take their jobs.

Our server Montse would disappear for extended periods of time, not check in with us to see how food was or to take the order for our next course. When we first ordered, we started with salad/app and explained we would share food in rounds (as is the Italian way, which is the theme of the restaurant.) We arrived at the table with drinks from our wait at the bar, but Montse never offered to get us new ones when they were empty. Once we ordered a pasta to share, we never saw her again until we flagged her down, at which point she was ready to give us our check--but we hadn't even ordered our entree yet! We did, then ate it without being checked on, then had to find her again to ask for the check, after deciding to skip dessert (which we love and almost always have.)

So, in short, we spent an hour longer at our table than we had to, and could have easily spent another $50 on more drinks and dessert. Efficiency FAIL. I hope management reads this.

To top it off, when the valet brought my car around...he was on his phone! While driving my car (which is a stick shift BTW)! No headset. I called him out on it, and he laughed. Major annoyance.



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unworthy of your patronage!

I will only take the time to write a review of a place that is either really good or really bad. BAD SERVICE WITH A BAD ATTITUDE. In these troubled economic times, it is disappointing to pay extravagant prices for uninteresting food with a side of bad energy. Although their menu initially appears to have variety, it lacks important information such as, there are modifications, special requests, or dietary circumstances that are as important as the owners / chefs ego. They even informed me that they use a low quality balsamic vinegar in their kitchen that they would not serve to the in the public eye, but informed me that they did sell bottles of vinegar that I could use on my salad if I chose to purchase one. The salad I ordered which consisted of greens, three mushrooms sliced and some shaved Parmesan was overpriced and underwhelming. Their dressing was oily and uninteresting. When we ordered a pizza, we asked for fresh basil (it was in season at the time) but they said they did not have any. When the pizza was served, I requested some Parmesan, which they refused. I have spent months in Italy for work and vacations over the years and it is my favorite country to it in. Their hospitality and love of food makes every meal a pleasure. Any true Italian would be ashamed of this place!!! Go to Angelini Osteria Restaurant down the block… a way better choice!



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Great pizza!

I love pizza here. period.
ok, if someone likes american style food like you can eat at cheescake factory ro california pizza kitchen.(I am not downgrading cheesecake factory and california pizza kitchen) To them, probably Terroni's food seems too simple and boring.

However, if you like simple and neat style food, then I recommend this place. This restaurant's totato sauce is good. I always order margherita pizza and seafood pasta whenever I go there and it never disappoints me.

Price is a bit high but I still like this place.



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In response to BGREEN

Maybe if BGreen quit complaining he'd get laid and he wouldn't have to worry about other people poaching his dates. If you lose your date to the waiter, don't blame the food.

issy luca


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great italian pizza

my italian friend whom i like so much brought me to this place, for which he knows i soooo love italian food! food was great and i really love it! however, the place is tiny so there would be a chance of hurrying up so that other clients could use the table, leading to messing up the time to get more sweet with your date. it would totally kill a romantic date! so, if you are planning on something romantic, do not go here! this place is good for friends :)



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Third class restaurant at first class price

the waitress was uninterested and the service was definitely not ""Mediterranean style"" , the portions were SMALL and the prices were large. No flexibility or desire to accommodate customer request. The bread did not fit the place or the prices (more like a Danny's bread) . A simple salad @ $17 and main course too small of a portion to feed a normal person.
Overall rating, Mediocre (at best)


Phone: (323) 954-0300

Address: 7605 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


More Info

Extra Phones

Phone: (323) 413-2023

Payment method
discover, all major credit cards
Price Range
Mid-City West, Central LA

Terroni - Beverley

Other Information

Parking: Street, Valet

Wi-Fi: No

Bike Parking: No

Attire: Casual

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Cuisines: Italian, European, Continental

Alcohol: Full Bar

Takes Reservations: Yes

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Price Range : Average

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