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Phone: (323) 656-2563

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TollFree: (800) 359-2464

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Central LA, Hollywood Hills West

The Laugh Factory

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Parking: Street, Valet

Bike Parking: No

Attire: Casual

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Price Range : Average

Alcohol: Full Bar

Outdoor Seating: No


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Jessica F.



Laugh factory is the first comedy club I have been to and regret not going before that. It feels like you have only spent ten minutes there when the show is over. I have always had tons of fun, and Laugh factory will alway be my go to stand up comedy spot



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awesomely funny

I always come here when I get bored of just staying in at home. Great music and love the atmosphere.. Great way to get a little stress out of your life form a hard work week.. drinks are flowing and people here are awesome. Good spot to go with friends and let loose!



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My Night @ the Famous Laugh Factory...

Typical bad comedy club seating. Parking was a mess. Expected that. Comedy was great. Staff was very nice and quick. Club vibe makes you feel like you could run into a famous comedian at any moment. Saw some famous actor I've seen on TV in the audience. Don't remember his name, but his girl was HOT!
I'll be back.



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fun everytime!

I enjoy going to the laugh factory! I have not laughed so hard since I was in high school. My wife and I enjoy sneaking away for a good laugh.

We shall return!



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Host sucked, but the comedians were hilarous!

We went to the Laugh Factory about two weeks ago. Overall it was a good time and most of the comics were very funny and had good credentials. They said there was some surprise guest but I guess that person never showed.

The host was an albino guy who wasn't funny at all, (I think he thought he was a lot funnier than he really was). The comics didn't pick on people too much, although the host (the albino guy) started picking on someone's race which I thought was pretty stupid considering Kramer's tirade. I'm not a fan of talking about race, especially since every comic brought it up and I felt sorry for the one or two African American guys in the audience who had to pretend that they weren't embarassed.

Two drink minimum was silly considering it was a $25 cover AND they cram you in like sardines so there are almost no tables to use which means you have to hold your drinks in your hands. The comics were FUNNY though for the most part, except for all of the racial stuff which I think is stupid. Oh yeah, did I mention the albino host sucked? He did.



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great comedy but ...

We had a great time overall, but our evening got off to a bad start when we arrived around 7:15 for an 8pm show. Doors to the box office were closed and we had no choice but to stand in line, waiting for somebody to open up and collect our money. Because the line wrapped around the corner of the building, we couldn't always see what was happening at the door and nobody who worked there bothered to help us out.

When we finally realized they had opened the doors (well after 7:30) I asked one of the women working there how we can buy tickets. She told me to just wait in line. I went back and waited for over twenty minutes. It was about ten minutes 'til show time and the line wasn't moving, they were only allowing VIP guests into the theater, and we still had no tickets. I decided to go ask somebody for further instructions, only to find out that the bouncer had been letting people in, a few at a time to buy their tickets! Nobody had told us that we could go inside to buy tickets! So by the time I got in line to buy tickets, there were ten or twelve people ahead of us!
Now, everything turned out okay.. I'm not trying to write a sob story here. We got our tickets, we got our seats, and had an overall EXCELLENT evening of comedy. I just wanted to warn people going for the first time that you need to keep on top of things when you're there and DON'T expect any help from anybody working there.

Also, the drinks were a little more expensive than I had expected. There's upscale comedy club prices, and then there's the Laugh Factory's prices. Pack your wallet and speak up for yourself and you'll have a great time.



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It was hot, and so was he....

Close friends of mine, crazy Los Angelinos, knowing how much I love comedy, took me to Hollywood Laugh Factory two weeks ago – telling me it was “the hottest” comedy joint in town, and, although it was mid-week (a Thursday night) I was certainly not disappointed.

The club was clean, spacious, and well organised but, for the life of me, I still can’t understand the two drink minimum. What is that all about?????? In Scotland this would never happen (as two drinks only just warm us up!!!!! It should be a four drink minimum if you ask me, hee hee!!!!!!). The atmosphere, even as we queued up beforehand, was very cool and friendly (helped by the delicious weather of course).

The show was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat, and definitely had an ‘anything goes’ vibe about it -- which is always my favourite!! I loved it. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages!!!! Being a wee Scottish lassie, I’d never heard of any of the acts before, but I can assure you that they were all top drawer.

And as a single girl, of course, the first thing I found myself uttering, after ordering a few bevvies, was: “WHO’S THAT GUY?!” The object of my affection was Bill Dawes – he’s my new crush, he was totally fit and, not only that, he was simply hilarious!!!!!!!

I particularly enjoyed the way he interacted with the audience. Seeing performers doing ‘off the cuff’ stuff like that isn’t something you see very often -- so when it happens, it’s truly quite intoxicating. He’d pitched it quite perfectly. Plus I always find comics who can do that sort of thing well are the truly great performers. It was clear to see he enjoyed his job, and that, in itself, was infectious.

This lad could easily hold his own in any UK Comedy club. He’s definitely one to watch. If he ever comes to one of our comedy festivals, he’d definitely wipe the floor with most of the comics over here. Although I was far too embarrassed (and drunk) to approach any of the comics after his set I regretted not letting Bill know how much I had enjoyed the show. Regardless, I’m back again at Christmas when I fully intend to correct that little mistake. When I will definitely be visiting the Laugh Factory again but also to carry out my plan to kidnap Bill Dawes and bring him back to the Scotland with me!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone at the Hollywood Laugh Factory for making it such a great night, I’ll DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY see you all again nearer Christmas time!!!!!!!!!!!



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BILL DAWES college night -- best comics in town!

I am probably not the most unbiased reviewer because I now officially have an unabated crush on the host of this show, BUT let me say i've been to BILL DAWES COLLEGE NIGHT twice now and was amazed at how diverse the and talented the lineup was.

Every comic, including Bill, is a headliner in the own right. This show was miles above any of the shows I've seen at the Comedy Store or the Improv. Plus, the ambience of the Laugh Factory, with its warm wood and amber glow, is perfect. Some clubs make me want to mainline black tar heroin - the LAUGH FACTORY makes me want to... laugh.

Also, Bill Dawes does a lot of crowd work so you get the feeling every show is unique to THAT crowd, even if some of the material is repeated. He ripped on my friend and his AFFLICTION tee shirt perfectly while still making the humor light and charming.

I have a feeling he might be the next big thing so catch him while he's cheap! And definitely go to the LAUGH FACTORY if you haven't, it's probably the best comedy club I've ever been to.



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The Best Comedy Club LA has to offer!

I absolutely love the experience! From the close-knit, small, family-oriented spot to the great service and VIP are destined to feel right at home. Even the guest celebs look forward to the block party encounter. The comedy especially on Chocolate Sundays are Hilarious!!!!!



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The Josh and Myo Show is the best

If you haven’t been to the Laugh Factory for the Josh and Myo Show, then that is definitely something to put on your bucket list. Five years and still going strong, I haven’t missed a single show since the first time I stepped foot in their set, 4 years ago.

I make it a point to come back from trips in time to make their gate. Hell, I almost got divorced for these guys but I guarantee this that life will not be the same once you taste the Josh and Myo Show. I am totally hooked and there are no two ways about it.

I would come to see you guys in hell, as long as you still had your free VIP passes on JoshuaEscandondotcom for me to grab.



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Great Performances

I went there with a group of people last Sunday because we heard that was the best night to go. Be prepared for very tight seating and if you're short, be very hopeful that you don't sit behind a tall person because the seating is level and it can be difficult to see the comedians when you're not in the front. My boyfriend was extremely happy about all the comedians we got to see and that completely made up for the uncomfortable seating for him. Me on the other hand, I think I would have liked to have the option to pay a little more for premium seating so that I could actually see everything that was going on.



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The Laugh Factory is definitely one of the best places to go to in L.A.! I went on a Friday night with VIP tickets and even though I thought it was a little bit pricey at first, it was totally worth it. I got to sit in the first row and my sister was lucky enough to be picked on by one of the comics (she LOVED it). And we got to see Paul Rodriguez!! I did not even know he was performing, but when the emcee called him up I just couldn't believe it! Customer service was great; we had no troubles at all in getting our tickets and our seats. The valet parking took a while, but it was really cool to stand outside and watch the comedians talk to some of the guests. My sister and I were too shy to approach them, but we were definitely starstruck.



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No Laughing Matter

The biggest joke about the Laugh Factory is expecting customer service. The cashier will say anything to sell you a ticket (promising a certain comedian will perform). Then she will give you an attitude explaining that line ups can change. I did not know that line-ups could change in a matter of seconds. I mean I understand that everybody wants to make some money but don't say that someone is going to perform if you know that they are not. Even the manager seemed like she was in on it. Their attitude is: ""You paid to see comedians and you did "". Actually, I paid to see a certain comedian (Dane Cook) and I did not. You guys blatantly lied to my face and gave me the cold shoulder. It was awesome how you scammed all of us for VIP tickets. You knew that you would not sell as many tickets if you told people that Dane Cook would not be performing so you decided to lie to everybody to make that sale. Also, I have never experienced such a rude staff- It is one thing to be misleading but to be misleading with such a horrible attitude is too much. Patrons beware!



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Depends on the act, but overall good place

The Laugh Factory is fairly famous in the LA line of stand-up venues, and for good reason. The place has a great atmosphere and a great wait staff. I've never had a problem here, but it does definitely depend on the act. If the act falls flat so does the place it seems like, but if the energy and mood are up it's a great place.



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Love IT!!!

I have been going to the Laugh Factory for the past 25 years and I have taken my 21 year old daughter and 22 year old son with me. They wanted to see Dane Cook, and Dave Chappelle, and they have seen them many times and are hooked on them. Myself, I have different tastes and I love Job Lovitz and Bob Saget and David Spade and Howie Mandel and Chris Rock and I?ve seen them all at the club. My wife and I used to go every Saturday night, to their first show and we would always see our favorite comic of all time, may G-d bless him, Rodney Dangerfield. Even the comedians on the shows that I haven?t heard of are some of the best I?ve ever seen. I love comedy and I consider myself a comedy connoisseur. I recommend the Laugh Factory highly to everybody.



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Stop giving Laugh Factory your comedy money!

Laugh Factory has gotten to be nothing short of RIDICULOUS!!! I used to go there about 4-5 years ago on a pretty regular basis to see their acts and found it to be worth the drive from Inland Empire. Last couple of times I attended, I was stunned by the difference. First of all, the lineups are atrocious. There were a couple of comics who went up with no act at all. Mind you, they admitted they had NO ACT. But this was no self-deprecating intro, this was the truth. Who the hell allowed them to go on, then? This last time, my BF and I ended up spending about $150 just on drinks and food to get hammered because the show was too pathetic to watch. Guests were called ?whor*s,? others were told to give blowjobs right there to some guys that paid for drinks, they LIED about the lineup on their site and when I called to straighten things out, nobody would respond. I left a few messages with the management but nothing came of it. Our waitress was nice and they usually are, so I don?t want to say service is bad and make it seem like it?s reflective of the wait staff. No, the service is unacceptable from the management. Total disrespect for the patrons. Who the hell do these people think they are? I hope nobody gives them business and they have to change their ways or else die a slow comedy-business death. Those people that are writing rave reviews probably are simply not aware of the wealth of clubs here in LA to get good jokes. Hope they find out about them and start going. Vote with your cash, people, it?s the only way get heard!



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The Laugh Factory

The new Kosher Comedy night is phenomenal! Sunda is the host and Elon Gold , Modi and the Verizon Guy (Jimmy Harris) are very funny. They also have food now which changes everything and the show is early enough that you can still get your kids to bed early and get your laff on!

OY! You have to go!



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Hilarious Comedians!

I went to the laugh factory on a date this past Saturday night. I had read previous bad reviews, but it turns out that we had a great time! When we arrived, there was a line wrapped all the way around the building and down the block. Thank goodness we had VIP tickets because we were able to walk right past the line and inside to will-call to pick up the pre-purchased tickets. We were about 20 minutes early for the 10:00 show, but that was no problem. The hostess immediately showed us to the upstairs lounge where we waited for the previous show to finish. We could see the comedian and stage as he was finishing up his set. It took about 20 minutes for the previous show to conclude and then for the staff to clean up the seating area, then they let us all downstairs to choose our seating. We got to choose seats right up front about 10 minutes before they let everyone else in so that was cool.
The 10:00 show started at about 10:15 and included 4 very funny comedians. 2 were up & coming & the other 2 ? 1 was Dane Cook - were established but they were all hilarious!
Despite previous reviews I had read, I found all of the staff to be quite friendly & our waitress was fast, accommodating & very pleasant.
The only 2 things that could be improved are #1 ? the seats are uncomfortable & could use a little more cushion. And #2 ? the drink list is not extensive, they only have 2 kinds of beer, and the mixed drinks were weak. All in all, I would suggest this place for an evening outing, but if you?re a drinker, go somewhere else for drinks first, use your 2 drink minimum on a $5 wine or beer (no mixed drinks) & if you can afford it, shell out the extra $15 for VIP tickets.



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Nothing to recommend about this place

I've been to The Comedy and Magic Club and The Hollywood Improv, so I decided to try the Laugh Factory because I have heard that it is a good place. I could not have been more disappointed.

$45 VIP tickets at a comedy club? Only in LA. General tickets are $25. That gets you the privilege of being packed in like sardines, no table to put your drinks on, and the possibility of standing all night, as we were informed when we picked up our tickets. Amazingly bad service.

We finally got seated, after waiting in line for an hour. They only had a few waitresses, so it took a good 15-20 minutes to get our first round of drinks. Pretty annoying. They only serve two beers there, Bud and Bud Light. Two beers? What a joke. And they don't take American Express or Discover. This is the first comedy club I have EVER been to that does not take either of those cards.

The acts were terrible. The headliner was Dane Cook. He has to be one of the most unfunny comedians I have ever heard. I had some bad experiences at The Hollywood Improv with bad acts, but every one this night was pretty bad. How Dane Cook became so popular boggles my mind. I guess he is simply proof that people no longer know what comedy is. The dumbing down of America, if you will.

After the horribly disappointing show, we went out to get our car from the valet. 45 minutes later we got our car. 45 minutes!!!!! And about half of the crowd was still waiting. You could easily wait over an hour to get your car.

I have no idea why people like this place. I am usually willing to give a place a few chances, but I have absolutely no interest in going back to The Laugh Factory and would not recommend it to anyone. You can get much better comedy and much better service at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach or The Hollywood Improv over on Wilshire.


Phone: (323) 656-1336

Address: 8001 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046


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