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Jennifer C.



We have lived in Franklin for 2 years and finally decided to visit the famed Pancake Pantry. It was Monday at about 1:40, so no wait. Cute atmosphere, but nothing overly special. The waitress was very nice at first, and took our orders. The food came out pretty quickly, and it all looked wonderful...but my raspberry compote pancakes came out with cherry compote on them. I took a second taste to be sure, then summoned the waitress. I told her what I had ordered, and she said in a defensive voice, "those pancakes most certainly ARE raspberry." I looked at her in shock, and said, "well, they taste like cherry and I don't like cherry and they even have big cherries all over them." She took them to be exchanged. At that point, my husband, who was facing the kitchen, noticed her tasting my returned pancakes. GROSS! she actually ate after me, not knowing if I had any sort of cold or disease or anything. She then returned to say that they would replace them, but said that both she and the cook agreed that the returned portion was indeed raspberry. Argumentative! She seemed stubborn to a point. Again, I just looked at her, amazed that she was actually arguing with a customer, as if I didn't know the taste differences of raspberry and cherry! When the raspberry pancakes came out, they looked almost identical. The raspberries even looked a lot like cherries, believe it or not. But the taste was 100% raspberry. And 100% different than the first set of pancakes I was served. The waitress came over to our table a little later and said in an overly cheerful voice, "everyone happy now?" We were polite. But unfortunately, it tainted the whole visit. The lack of people skills in this world continues to amaze me. We did register our complaint with the manager as we left and the manager said he appreciated the feedback. The food was pretty good, but not overly spectacular. I actually like Bob Evans pancakes better. But the service was disrespectful, and made me not want to return.

barking man


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if there is a line, walk on by

an hour wait to get into an overpriced (for the serving size) place that is barely mediocre........... our waitress apologized everytime she came to the table (we already knew they were busy cuz we waited an hour to get in )and we heard her apologize to at least 4 other tables everytime she went to them ....................... we both had the grill cooks medley: ($13.20 with pancakes, $10.00 with out) not enough potatoes, not enough ham, not enough cheese::: they should increase the serving size by 40% or drop the price by 30%. the only saving grace was the two buckwheat pancakes ($3.20 additional)....but if you ordered 3 pancakes, there were $7.50 ........overpriced drinks - except pop......the power of tv has propped this place up, and that is too bad...this place should not be elevated past barely worth it but ONLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE



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No matter how legendary this place is for pancakes, the staff and management make it absolutely horrible. I have been there multiple times because of its iconic nature and frankly, I love pancakes but I have always had rushed and rude service. Today was the worst service I ever had in my life and I have NEVER walked out of a restaurant before but it was so bad, there was no other choice. The waitress was rude from the very beginning and extremely disrespectful to my friends and then eventually, me. I guess its because we were a culturally and ethnically diverse table of three because all the white families were being treated way better than us. After literally having to wave her down for a refill, she snatched my friends coffee mug up without giving us any eye contact or even acknowledging us. I'm a non confrontational person but this was the last straw. So I went to management and the manager was so unprofessional and instead of just simply trying to give us a new waitress, she pulled the waitress over and they both were trying to defend her. I returned to my table and she came to my friend and said ""I don't care what you are"" and stormed off. Then, we saw the rude waitress at the table in front of us whispering to those customers behind a menu what happened and giving us evil looks and that was it. We offered to pay for our drinks but the mean waitress said ""Just go, leave, we got it."" Most disrespected I ever been in my entire life and its enough to make me write my first review here ever because that establishment doesn't deserve its fame or any business at all if they are going to discriminate. Please pass this on to others because if this country is ever going to change, we need to not support those that are aren't.



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NEW HEALTH SCORE IS 59.....59!?!?!

Seriously? A Nashville icon falls into filth, roaches, mold and snotty (literally) cooks. How could this be allowed to happen? I used to love this place, sad.



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Hashbrowns and Waits

Sure Pancake Pantry has good pancakes, but honestly, if a place cannot cook a pancake they should not be in business. The hashbrowns on the other hand, are a masterpiece. If you go, get the hashbrowns, and you'll be a happy camper for sure.

The big negatives are parking (they are tow-happy around that area, so be careful where you park) and the waits. It's a college-kid magnet, so you will usually have to stand in line unless you go during off hours, so don't be in a hurry. I am not a big fan of standing in line for pancakes myself, so I have only eaten there twice. If you ""are"" a fan of standing in line for breakfast, then by all means, enjoy.



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an institution for a reason

If you are in the mood for pancakes, those served at the Pancake Pantry are simply the best I've ever had. Yes, you have to wait in line (we were lucky that the wait was ""only"" forty minutes on a Sunday mid-morning), and yes, the restaurant interior was chilly, even though it was 90+ outside, but the service was so friendly and efficient, and the pancakes were so delicious, that we did not regret a minute of the wait. The automatic refills on iced tea were another bonus (as were the to-go cups the waitress brought when we couldn't finish the second drink), and the home fries were perfect, too. I simply do not understand the negativity in some of the below reviews; for what it is -- an excellent and congenial pancake house -- it's as good as it gets.



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what's so special!!!

This restaurant is good, there is nothing special about it. It has good food, but so do a lot of pancake restaurants. I have been there many times, as I work close by, but forget the long wait. If you drive by and people are standing out the door, drive on.

Come back with they are not packed.



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Not worth the wait, if you want just plain pancakes.

We live in the Nashville area and we have heard negative and positive reviews about the Pancake Pantry. We finally decided to try it for ourselves since we had some free time on this Tuesday morning. We arrived around 10:45 and as the previous reviews had stated there was a wait. We inched our way towards the door for about 20 minutes and after entering the building we were seated within another 5 minutes.

After being seated we waited for our server, and we waited for our server. Finally a woman hurried up to us and asked if we were ready. We ordered the bacon/eggs/buttermilk pancakes and the sausage/eggs/buttermilk pancakes combo’s. Our food arrived shortly after; it was hot and looked fresh. Surprisingly the quantity was large for the price (which is comparable to Cracker Barrel or IHOP). The hashbrown potatoes were $3.00 extra and so not worth it; they are just plain potatoes in a chunky, grilled form. The bacon and sausage were both flavorful and worth eating. The eggs had been cooked to our specifications. However, the pancakes were a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Here we were surrounded by all these different platters of flavored pancakes that looked delicious and the easiest of all pancakes (buttermilk) was dry; stiff and flavorless. If it had not been for a LOT of syrup they would have been non-edible. My spouse stated that McDonald’s were better and sadly I had to agree.

The restaurant/restrooms were clean; the service (once our server appeared) was decent; but the cashier as we left was anything but friendly.



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Good food, fun experience

I just came home from my first visit to the Pancake Pantry. Judging by many of the reviews here, I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations about this restaurant. So I will begin by telling you what the Pancake Pantry is NOT:
1. It is NOT a fancy place, nor is it the most clean and pristine place you will ever see. It's an older building with all of the wear and tear one would normally see.
2. It is NOT a gourmet coffee shop. If you are used to spending $3-$4 every morning on Starbucks, you will not be impressed with their diner-type coffee.
3. It is NOT cheap. This is a trendy, historic restaurant in a trendy, historic section of Nashville, so don't expect prices on par with Denny's or IHOP.
4. It is NOT a health-conscious restaurant. If you are into healthier selections and are picky about fat and calories I wouldn't recommend this place at all.

However, what the Pancake Pantry IS, is a great place to go and have a delicious breakfast once in awhile and take in the cool vibes of Hillsboro Village. Parking was a bit of a challenge, but after circling the parking lot behind it a few times, we were able to catch someone leaving and grab their spot. The first 1 1/2 hours are free in this lot, but I paid $2 for some extra time just in case. We went at about 11 on a Saturday morning, and spent about 30 minutes in line. The staff was courteous, but not overly friendly. Overall, though, they did a decent job. I had the Sweet Potato Pancakes with hash browns and sausage, and it was absolutely one of the tastiest breakfasts I can remember having in a very long time! The pancakes were perfect, the sausage was great, the homemade syrup was to die for, and the hash browns, though a little on the greasy side, reminded me of my Mom's home fries. The coffee was fine with me, comparable to IHOP or any other diner, but a coffee snob probably would want to avoid it. Wife had the same thing I had, minus the sausage, and was also very complimentary. Our five-year-old son had ""Bears In The Snow,"" which is basically dessert for breakfast, covered in chocolate, so of course he was in heaven! The meal was a bit pricey - over $40 for the three of us - but the Pancake Pantry is all about the experience. And I, for one, am glad we had it. Due to the distance from our suburban home and the higher than normal prices, Pancake Pantry will be a ""once in awhile"" thing for us, but we will most definitely be back!!



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If a Nashvillian says to you, ""You need to go there! It's been around forever!"", STAY AWAY! The only exception to this rule is Arnold's Country Kitchen, a lunch place which is amazingly good. The Pancake Pantry, however, coasts on an undeserved reputation. Mediocre food at best at higher than average prices and a crowded atmosphere are its only features. If someone recommends this restaurant, they don't know what good food is. The only positive thing I can say about this place is you might sit next to someone in the music business. In the 90's I rubbed shoulders with Amy Grant and sat one table away from Garth Brooks in this establishment.



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Do Seek the Pancake Pantry

The only reason I can think that anybody goes to this place is because they ignore the many negative reviews, like to spend money on cold pancakes in a dirty restaurant, wait for cold food and wait in line.

I can see tourists who write good reviews because they need to justify wasting their vacation time and money. But the locals? Why?

All I can guess is that it is some sort of Stockholm syndrome where hostage Nashvilleans become sympathetic to their captors. Locals should think twice about recommending this restaurant. Tourists might think we enjoy bad food at high prices.

The day I went with my family (my daughter had been told this place was cool for some reason she could not explain) there was no line and we were seated quickly. I opened the menu and saw nothing but overpriced junk in less volume than IHop. I decided to cut our losses and not eat. I had the best meal.

I ordered coffee and should have skipped it as well. It tasted like burnt dirt.

As we waited for 45 minutes for our food to arrive we nearly froze to death. Our food was not as lucky while it waited to be served because it was stone cold when it finally arrived. We left as soon as we could convince our children they had been lied to about the Pancake Pantry.

We suggested to the cashier that they regulate the temperature so that the guest did not freeze to death. I swear this is her reply verbatim. “We have to keep it cold in here because the floor is heated and anything that is spilled has to dry quickly so the waiters don’t slip so we keep it cold so it will dry.”


I hate this place. I am a native Nashvillean and will never return. Go if you must but don’t say you weren’t warned. If I could give it a negative star I would.

Even better, come to my house and I’ll make you wait an hour for a half cooked pancake and charge you $25 to eat it off the floor. It will be just like eating at Pancake Pantry.


Phone: (615) 383-9333

Address: 1796 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212


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The Pancake Pantry, located in the Hillsboro Village area near Vanderbilt University, has been a Nashville tradition since 1961. Breakfast and lunch are served daily. Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas DayThe Pancake Pantry, located in the Hillsboro Village area near Vanderbilt University, has been a Nashville tradition since 1961. Breakfast and lunch are served daily. Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day
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The Pancake Pantry

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