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With GEICO, saving money is easy. All you have to do is pick up the phone or go online to It only takes a matter of minutes to find out how much you could save. Even more exciting, new GEICO policyholders report average annual savings over $500. When it comes to insurance, you should place your trust in a company with longevity, stability, and exceptional financial strength. GEICO has been serving policyholders since 1936, with innovation and hard, honest work. We've grown to over 15 million policyholders, and as a subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., GEICO has become the nation's second largest private passenger auto insurance company. We're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; we're there when you need us most. GEICO is known for great rates on car insurance, but we also provide coverage for your motorcycle, ATV and RV. Plus, the GEICO Insurance Agency could help you with homeowners, renters, boat, commercial insurance and more. Rest assured, all GEICO representatives have comprehensive knowledge of our insurance products and will consistently provide personalized, professional service. They'll be happy to advise you in selecting the coverage that is right for you.
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Edited: 02/08/2017
Geico refuses to refund me remaining balance

I used to own a car insured with Geico, and I sold my car in Jan 2011. when I called Geico to cancel my policy, and since

they deducted the money in advance, they owed me a remaining balance. I have never received the check of the remaining

balance until March 2011, they claimed that they sent it twice to an address that is different from the my address on file (I

do not really know why would they do so ) so I asked them to send it again and confirmed the address to them. however, 2

weeks later, I purchased another car, so I called them to insure the new car, this time they asked me if I was married,

(Fact: I am engaged and planning the wedding next June 2011) so I gave them my future wife's name, and was shocked that they

added her to my insurance policy, a week later, I got the check of the remaining balance in both my name and my future wife's

name on it. the bank refused to cash the check as it is not in my name alone. I tried to explain to Geico that my future wife

has never been to the US, and she has no Social Security number, but they still insisted that they cannot send me a check in

my name alone, they want her to send them a paper from overseas authorizing them to give me my money back.
FACT 1: I paid this money from my own credit card account, and I was single then
FACT 2: they tried to send the money to wrong addresses with my name alone on it
FACT 3: having a new policy with her name on it, make the new check in both names instead of my name alone, although they

were sending it before in my name alone
I asked them to refund the money to the card, and they also refused. they are using my money all these months, and refusing

to give it back to me, and I do not understand why I should beg for my own money.
I did not ask for my wife's name to be on the policy, and they keep telling me that they want to protect her rights.. excuse

me... but that was my money, and I was single when I paid it, now they want proofs??!!!!! why did not they ask for proofs

when they added her name too? why is it always easy to take money, but hard to return it??? I believe that if they wanted

proof that I am still not married, they should have asked for a proof that I was married the first time! if they asked for

that then they would have understood that I was not married.. they just want to keep this money with them the longest period

they can, so they can make money of me.
I have been very loyal customer with them, paying always in advance, and never got any ticket or been into any accident

Edited: 09/15/2016
Local Office

Wow. I just signed up at the Local GEICO office in Harrisburg. I spoke with Enza, she was awesome!!
They have the best rates, and their staff was super nice!!! I even got a little gecko hand fan when I left :)

Susan C.



A customer of GEICO ran into my vehicle and was ticketed by the police for causing the accident. After making several misrepresentations, including claiming that the ticket meant nothing, the GEICO Katy office would assume 30% of the responsibility for damages to my car caused by their client. This has costed me $1K deductible plus countless wasted hours dealing with them. I have hired an attorney and reported them to the State Board of Insurance to stop their negligent business practices.

Debby B.



I have been with Geico for over 20 years. I had a car accident on 3/30 around 8:30 pm, called them and they were very helpful. Only problem was when I tried to schedule an inspection of my car, a very rude gentleman from Cocoa called me was extremely Rude, hurried me off the phone and told me that tomorrow would when they would be able to schedule the inspection. Well, I am the only one that drives in my family, a single mom and no other way to get to my job 20 miles away. My employer was going to give me 3 hours from my start time to get to work, and I explained this the to the man from geico, he seemed annoyed and I have not heard back as of yet. after 20 years, and having insurance with them with both home and auto I am thinking of switching to an insurance company that respects their customers. I don't understand why someone in his position could be so judgmental and horrible customer service, there are too many unemployed people that would love his job.

Kr T.



HORRIBLE customer service!! A few months ago, I received a letter in the mail from Geico asking for my wife's information. However, I AM NOT MARRIED. I promptly called them to tell them I do not have this wife that they speak of, and they told me they would fix the problem.

Well, today I called to renew my policy, and they told me I couldn't because I had given them "conflicting information," saying I said I was married, and then said I wasn't. They advised me to "look for a new insurance company."

I NEVER added a spouse to my policy, nor have I EVER been married. I am 19 years old. Now, I am being punished for a glitch in their system and am going to have to pay $50 more a month with another company, because they refuse to look into a simple mix up.

Philip R.



What a terrible company. They refuse to pay reasonable medical expenses and continually stonewall any progress at reaching agreements. This has to be the worst insurance company on the planet.

Ned B.



Really poor customer service in Littleton. Sent me a quote, which was great, took my credit information and all and about to seal the deal and then came back and said that an accident in the past bumped the price up by over $200 a month. Why in the world would Ms Landes (agent) wait until that, take all my time and then drop that bomb. Never again!

Subhash J.



Horrible customer service from Geico. I have been with Geico for almost 5 years and today they declined to give me coverage primarily becos their customer service heard me wrong. When i tried correcting them they said you are giving ambiguous answers and declined the coverage. Do not recommend to anyone.





Crooks. Has taken over a month for them to send me the check from my totaled car. Had to talk with four people because no one knew how to fill out the power of attorney form that THEY sent to me. Either they're complete idiots or they are trying to delay sending me the check-probably both. Finally found someone who knew how to fill it out...or so I thought. Got a call a week later saying I filled it out wrong. So I have to fill it out again, get it notarized again, mail it back to them again. Hopefully this time it's right, as its been a month that I've been waiting for this check. In the meantime I had to get a new car without being able to put that check toward the downpayment, because they wouldn't extend my rental car even though this delay was THEIR fault. Definitely switching insurance after this. Would not recommend, ever

Randy N.


Very Unhappy

Geico — I have been insured with Geico for two years. I have three vehicles on the policy all with liability coverage only. I have a teenage son on the policy. He had a wreck in Aug 2008. They paid out 2400.00 in claims. The next time we came up for renewal there was no change in the price for the coverages. Then my wife was involved in an accident in Oct. 2009, she was hit by an insured driver and Geico did not have to pay out any thing. I received a letter in Dec 2009 stating that Geico was cancelling my policy affective my next renewal date due to the accident that my wife had. They said that they can renew my insurance with there other carrier for a little more increase in price. My old policy was $600.00 for 6 months and the new policy would be $2600.00 for 6 months. I don't think this is a fair practice for Insurance companies to screw the public like this, that is why I am writing this to vent my frustrations. I any body wants to know who I am my name is Randy Newbury. My phone number is 214-902-9996 and my policy number with Geico was 4124190994. I am dropping them as my Insurance company and they will never get another dime from me.

Laura B.


Not there when you need them.

I am switching car insurance companies ASAP. On the first snow of the year, I was hit by another car, the other vehicle then left the scene of the accident. My entire drivers side was smashed in, taking over a month to replace. Gieco refused to get me a rental car. I explained that this was not my fault, please look at the police report, it was a hit and run. Gieco refused. They are not all about being there when you need them, regardless of the high premiums I pay each month....I HATE Gieco and will be switching to another company ASAP.....GIECO is CRAP!



Don't ever file a claim!

Here is what happened to me with Geico. I sent this letter to the Corporate office today.

November 16, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to inform you of my recent experience with Geico Claims. I pay over $1,000 a year for car insurance and on October 21, 2009 I was involved in a single vehicle accident. I filed my claim promptly following my release from the emergency room. I was informed that an adjustor would be in touch with me within 24 hours. I contacted Geico on 10/23/2009 after not hearing from an adjustor. I was told at that time that my car had been picked up from Lee Hi Travel Plaza in Lexington, VA and was being transported to the total loss center. Saturday and Sunday are nonworking days for the adjustor therefore he would contact me on Monday, October 26, 2009, which he did. He stated that the car was a total loss and he was submitting the report to Geico that day. I check online on 10/27/2009 and the report was available on the Geico website dated 10/27/2009. I called the adjustor on 10/28/2009 and asked him what the next step was. He informed me that Geico would contact me and send me the paperwork needed to complete the claim. I checked online every day until November 3, 2009. At which time I contacted the adjustor again to find out why Geico had not contacted me. He stated he would call them and find out. I called Geico directly on November 5, 2009 and stated that I had not received any paperwork. I was told there was a hold up that no information had been received from the adjustor therefore; I would need to contact the adjustor again. I promptly called the adjustor who stated that he gave Geico the information and he did not know what the holdup was. Geico called me back ten minutes later to tell me that I needed to send the signed title into the salvage department. I mailed the title on November 9, 2009 via priority mail. It was delivered on 11/15/2009. I contacted Geico today, 11/16/2009 and was told that it has not been received or processed at this time and that my rental coverage would not be extended past my policy limit regardless of the fact that GEICO, NOT ME has delayed this whole process. My rental will expire on 11/18/2009. I am pissed to say the least that I still do not have a check and now will not have a rental car because Geico cannot communicate with its adjustors and vice versa. I am told there is nothing to be done that I am at my policy limit and that is it. I think it is outrageous that my hard earned money goes to an insurance company that will drag their feet on a claim until I am at my coverage limit. Then tell me there is nothing they can do for me even though the delay is on them. I now will not have a rental car nor a check to rectify the situation. I am anger and upset and will be switching my coverage to another company as soon as I can find a new car (if I ever received a check). My car and renters insurance will be with another company as soon as possible. I understand I am but one measly little customer to you in the scheme of things and none of this will matter to you but I will make sure my voice is heard. I will make sure all my friends and family never obtains insurance with your company!

Sincerely your soon to be former customer you do not care about!!




So Sad...

I thought i could get my windshield replaced (It's cracked), geico told me they would call me back in a few days, they did. and they said no. What kind of insurance company refuses to replace glass? This winter i will not be surprised if the windshield smashes in, and i have no way to keep it from happening. And i thought in the state of kentucky they were required too replace it one time... Watch me loose my job because i cant get to work this winter.



Fixed My Windshield for Free

A rock hit my windshield while driving on the highway and created a quarter-sized nick. Geico fixed my nick for free and it is not considered a claim!




I had gotten in a accident and right then and there they gave me a rental car info and when i can take my car to get it fixed. i did have great service and very prompt however they way more expensive then most insurance companies, at least for me bein young.


Phone: (877) 294-7187