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The solution to your engine problems!

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Automobile engine rebuilding for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We offer a 3 year unlimited mile warranty!!Machine Shop
* Cam Bearings* Free Honing* Freeze Plugs* Full Gasket Set* Main Bearings* New Lifters on Select Models* New Timing Chain/Belt* Oil Pump* Paint Block & Heads* Pistons* Reground Cam Shaft* Reground Crankshaft* Resurface Heads* Rings* Rod Bearings* Valve & Seat Regrinding
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cash, financing available, debit, all major credit cards
Corner of 29th Ave and McDowell

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Eboni J.



Master Engine has great prices and customer services! The team is awesome, I would highly recommend them!!

Daniel Z.



Great Service, Great Prices. The new owner John is fantastic and would highly recommend Master Engine.

Ryan G.



OMG I didn't get out of the garage and the check engine light came on. My car has no power. Timing restarted. It smells like grease. The rpms are bouncing up and down. The car ran like a dream when I brought it in. Now I don't trust it to circle k. Went straight to mazda. First off I park and 3 min later I have a coolant leak. The guy at Mazda just told me this place gave me a real screwing. Lets see what is takes to fix it right. Im going to sew these people. STAY AWAY FROM MASTER. THERE'S NOT A MASTER MECHANIC IN THE BUILDING

Erik G.



My wife and I brought in her 2009 dodge charger, (we took a trip to Laughlin and apparently there was no oil in the car so we screwed up the motor,our own fault)...they had an ad to rebuild the motor for $1500.00 so we said cool do it..they had our car for about 2 weeks than they called and said it was done...we picked up the car and within 2 miles the car started acting funny,we made it home and called the shop and told them,they said to bring it back, so we did...they then had the car for another 2 weeks (meanwhile we've been renting a car) they said it was all fixed but it wasn't,our problems were just the original price went up to $3000.00...the car was messed up 2 or 3 more times after that (and we still have the rental car)..and I just wanna say that every time we got our car back there was grease and greasy fingerprints all over the car, it looked horrible, had to have it detailed after every time it was the time before last when we picked it up it had a full tank off gas in it and we wrote down the mileage,when we picked it up the car was so empty we couldn't even drive it off there property and I had to go get a $16 gas can to put gas in the car,than we checked the mileage and they drove it 162 miles...I think they drove our car for there personal use (and or) siphoned out all our gas...they same type of crap that happened to Jay m. another person on here who wrote a review..I'm no mechanic but I know I shouldn't have gotten the car back with cracked hoses and jb weld holding some of the parts together after pay ing for a new rebuilt motor...every time we brought the car back it was for the same repairs over and over again, plus whatever new repairs's now the 8th week and I just brought the car back again and I still have the rental car which is at about $1300 in rental fees..they will not re-emburse any money for our time or rental fees or tow fees to bring the car back to there shop..I've left out a bunch of details about our situation because I could be here all day..I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy, stay away from here it's a horrible place...I'm dead serious....

Jay M.



I chose master engine rebuilding because they had the best price and the owner assured me he knew what he was doing and would take care of me. I wish I would have checked their reviews because I would have found all the negative reviews and people getting taken by them and I would have went elsewhere.

The initial engine rebuilding process didn't take long-just a couple of days. About 10 miles away from the shop the check engine light can on and the truck started sputtering. I drove it to an AutoZone and had the code pulled up and it was potentially an extern or internal engine problem. I took care of the external possibilities in the truck was still acting funny so I brought it back. This time they had my truck for a couple days, ran it out of gas and told me and the truck started sputtering. I drove it to an AutoZone and had the code pulled up and it was potentially an extern or internal engine problem. I took care of the external possibilities in the truck was still acting funny so I brought it back. This time they had my truck for a couple days and told me it was fixed so I came and picked up the truck. On the way home and did the exact same thing. This time I let him pick up the truck and he kept it for another week and after that week he told me it was good to go so I picked it up again. Same issues ...... This time I took the truck to an actual mechanic and he put it on the diagnostic scanner and showed me that the code was the same as the first time from AutoZone. So I brought it back to master engine rebuilding one more time, this time he had it for over a week again and the owner said he drove around for 500 miles and it was perfect. As soon as I left the shop and started acting up again but this time the check engine light didn't turn on. I decided at this point they are in capable of getting the job done correctly. I lost several weeks of not having the truck for work as well as rental vehicle expenses. I checked with friends and ended up finding a mechanic in Tempe that not only had an excellent five star review but a couple referrals from friends so I took the truck there. Turns out the problem wasn't turn on half the block had to I decided at this point they are in capable of getting the job done correctly. I lost several weeks of not having the truck for work as well as rental vehicle expenses. I checked with friends and ended up finding a mechanic in Tempe that not only had an excellent five star review but a couple referrals from friends so I took the truck there. Turns out the problem was internal and half the block had to be torn down and a lot of the parts that were listed in their rebuilding/replaced parts on the invoice were not done. The check engine light was broken so potentially that might have been damaged intentionally. Kind of hard for those to get broken since they're behind the dash and never touched...... This little endeavor cost me over $2000 to have the engine fixed properly and $1000 in rental fees for having to rent a vehicle while mine was down. Not to mention all the time that was wasted. I brought the owner proof-invoices and pictures and he wouldn't reimburse me so I would sufga and he didn't want to reimburse me so I would suggest not putting yourself in this predicament

Jeanette S.



All we wanted was an estimate...don't sign anything...they try to get you with their fine print...later on they gave us a higher# of how much it would be & we said no we would like to just get our truck back...they said no cause they supposedly had done labor work to it already & that was going to cost us $900. Let's just say we even called the police cause they just wouldn't give us our vehicle back. They got us with their fine print when the truck got towed!!! We had to pay the total amount in order to get the vehicle back & we don't even now what kind of $900 of labor work they did. I have to agree with one of the last reviews this place is a FRAUD!!!!!!

Terry H.



Took my 75 van with a front in oil leak and transmission was having trouble in first gear. I got it in 10 days. It leaked every fluid on the carport, would not start,the speedometer didn't work and the horn didn't work. Took it back and they said it was fine I just need a carburetor. Mind you I took them a van that started ran had an oil leak and had a transmission that had trouble going from first to second. Took the van to another mechanic who fixed the oil pan,and dip stick which was broke down at the engine.tightened the hose clapes,put screws on the motor mounts.fixed the speedometer cable at the transmission and screwed the power steering back in which was falling out. The van doesn't start,over heats and knocks.

Brian M.



FRAUD WARNING!!! Stay away! I took my motor in so I could inspect their work. They don't rebuild motors, they cut corners and reuse bearings, camshafts and lifters! When I caught them, they just used a different "USED" camshaft and they installed it the second time with no lubrication. They also reuse my old cylinder head bolts after telling me that they too would be replaced, which is a major no-no! My motor was still dirty inside and out when I got it back too! Most customers take their vehicle in and never inspect the shops work...they are not getting what they paid for. I know this because I checked and had to go back twice and the issue still wasn't resolved the second time. The owner has lied to my face on several occasions and I have given him his second and final oppertunity to make things right. I felt as if I had no choice but to seek a full refund. I reached a verbal agreement with the owner to allow me to disasemble my motor and return what few new parts he did change, but upon disasembly, I found that he chose NOT to replace both the camshaft and balancing shaft bearings in my Ford 4.2L V6 engine that I told him had over 205,000 miles! I've requesting a full refund, but Mr. Khouri, the owner is trying to drag me into an argument over the lost labor, and parts that might be damaged during disassembly; like the pistons, which have a pressed in wrist pin that needs to be pressed out causing the pistons to crack. They charge $120.00 for rebuilding a pair of cylinder heads, but now Mr. Khoulri now wants me to pay an additional $30.00 for the valve seals that he says were replaced in my cylinder heads, which was originally covered in the rebuild. What kind of person makes the same exact mistake two times in a row after being told by the customer on day one that, "I'm going to check your work", and I caught him, only to do the same thing again, LIKE I WON'T CHECK AGAIN?! REALLY?!!! What a horrible experience!!!

Josh B.



Have an 05 dodge magnum they fixed my car 2 weeks after I dropped it off then when I got it back it broke down the same day cuz when they replaced the water pump that was leaking that leaked coolant into the oil they didn't change the oil so there wasn't coolant in it strongly don't recommend this place even tho it's a cheap price

Bruce M.



My 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 (with 180,000 trouble free miles) decided to suddenly have engine seizures followed by complete failure. I brought it to a local repair shop I had been using and they recommended a new engine / rebuild at the tune of about $3500. I decided to check around and quickly discovered that most shops wanted between $3000 - $3800 to get the vehicle back on the road. Some offered a two year limited warranty, some offered none. I knew I was going to get it fixed as the truck is in excellent shape and has served me well, so it was much cheaper to fix it then go and try to find another reliable one.

Well, I happened upon Master Engine Rebuilding, called and was told that the vehicle could be up and running in as quick as a week, with a 3 yr. unlimited miles warranty, for around $1500 - $2000 depending on damage. So, I took them up on the free towing and the next day I went down to do the paperwork.

I was surprised to learn that they had already removed the engine, a 4.7 EFI V8, and determined the cause of the problem (3 steel valve seats dropped into the cylinders). I was brought back to the shop area where the tech showed me the damaged parts, how it was caused and what needed to be done. I was impressed with the overall condition of the shop, how clean and neat everything appeared to be, and how the tech stations were set up and organized. There was no mess, clutter or junk. I had a good feeling about this place.

So exactly one week later I get a call, the vehicle is fixed, and for $2000, my truck is now running like it was brand new. It's hard to imagine that the odometer is at 180K because this baby is running better than it ever did.

I would high recommend Master Engine Rebuilding to anyone contemplating needing any major engine overhaul. They are professional, organized, provide great service and offer the lowest cost, but give the longest warranty period. All I can say is "Thank you Master Engine for a job well done!"

Ben S.



I took my 03 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 4.7L engine here about a six weeks ago. My truck had 252,000 miles on it and was burning oil. The owner was extremely helpful and knew exactly what the issue was. He quoted me a great price, better than any of the other 7 quotes I had obtained, and told me he could have it done in about a week. I dropped my truck off on Saturday morning and received a call from the owner the following Thursday to let me know my truck was done. My truck ran great for the first 200 miles and then it started to have oil pressure issues. I called the owner immediately and he told me to bring it in and they would take care of it. I took my truck back in and they fixed the issue with no questions asked. Turns out the new oild pump installed was defective. The owner replaced the oil pump and turned the crank and did whatever else that needed to be done to fix the problem. I have been driving my truck without any issues since getting it back. The owner is honest and stands by his work and the 3 year warranty. I highly recommend this shop!

Dave F.



I took my 94 Chevy Blazer so they gave me a really good price that was 1395 plus tax and even a 3 year warranty. They owner was so helpful and honest to me. After a week he gave me my car and it was great. I was so happy. So my opinion is to always go to Master Engines if your car needed fixed.

Sam B.



I took my 2007 ford F150 they gave me a price of 1795 plus tax with a 3 year warranty. When I went the the owner treated me so good and took my truck in and they told me that it will be done in a week and it was done in a week. This place is really honest I recommend people to go there.


Phone: (602) 278-9195

Address: 1505 N 29th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009

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