How to get reimbursed for $5 in change machine, not dispensed.


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Steps for Reimbursing Money from Change Machine

  1. Look for a contact number or website for the location where the change machine is located. This could be a store, gas station or other place of business.
  2. Call or contact the business through their website and explain the situation. Be sure to provide details such as the location of the change machine, the date and time of the incident and the amount of money that was not dispensed.
  3. Ask the business if they have a protocol for reimbursing customers when a change machine is not functioning properly. Some businesses may offer a refund or credit for the amount lost.
  4. If the business does not have a policy in place for reimbursing customers, ask to speak to a manager or supervisor to discuss the situation further.
  5. Stay calm and polite throughout the interaction. Offer to provide any additional information or documentation that may be needed to process the reimbursement.
  6. If the business is unwilling or unable to provide a refund or credit, you may need to seek other options. This could include contacting a consumer protection agency or seeking legal recourse.
  7. In the future, be sure to check the machine for functionality before inserting money. If the machine does not appear to be working properly, notify the business before inserting any money.
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