What is universal life insurance?


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Whole life and universal life plans are each considered a type of “permanent life insurance.” Universal life is often similar in concept to whole life, but offers more flexibility in premium payments and cash withdrawals. For example, you might be able to temporarily pause or reduce premium payments at any time under a universal policy. It’s also often possible to borrow from what you’ve already paid into the plan or against a guaranteed death benefit in the form of a loan....Read More

Archie B.

Universal life insurance lasts for your entire life as long as the premiums are paid. It has flexible options for making your payments. Policyholders have some input in choosing how to invest the policy's cash value. ...Read More

Felecia N.

Brake rotors are part of the disc brake system on many new vehicles. When pressure is applied to the caliper, brake pads inside the caliper press against the rotor to slow or stop the vehicle....Read More

Corey F.

Universal life insurance is permanent life insurance. It usually has low premiums like term life insurance, but it also has an investment savings element. It's different from whole life insurance because I think you can still change stuff like your premiums and death benefits. ...Read More

Michael B.

Universal Life is a type of Permanent Life Insurance often confused with Whole Life Insurance. It is a flexible policy with lower initial costs than Whole Life. It can build cash value via Index crediting, Fixed interest crediting, or just be designed for a guaranteed period of time. It is very popular and can also include riders for Disability and Long Term care ,etc..

michael Bokser

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