Does CareSource or Medicaid pay for the Subutex online prescriptions and where are they located


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CareSource is a non-profit health plan that provides Medicaid coverage to individuals in certain states, such as Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Medicaid is a government-funded healthcare program that covers certain medications, including Subutex, for eligible individuals.

Regarding online prescriptions, it is important to note that the legality and regulations surrounding online prescribing vary by state and country. Some states or countries may not allow online prescribing of controlled substances like Subutex. Additionally, individual insurance plans, including Medicaid plans, may have specific policies regarding online prescriptions.

To find out if CareSource Medicaid covers Subutex prescriptions obtained online, it is best to contact CareSource directly or review the specific policies and guidelines outlined in your Medicaid plan.

As for the location of CareSource, it is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, but they provide services and coverage in multiple states across the United States.

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