Where can I have a bridge that has fallen out put back in as a walk in patient


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If your bridge has fallen out and you need to have it put back in as a walk-in patient, you have a few options:

  1. Dentist's Office: Visit a local dentist's office and explain your situation. They may be able to accommodate you as a walk-in patient and re-cement the bridge back in place. Call ahead to check if they accept walk-ins.

  2. Dental Emergency Clinic: Dental emergency clinics are specialized facilities that are equipped to handle urgent dental issues. They often accept walk-in patients and can provide immediate care for situations like a fallen bridge.

  3. Dental School Clinic: Contact a nearby dental school or university that has a dental program. They usually have student clinics where you can receive treatment at reduced costs. Since these clinics are often open to walk-in patients, you may be able to get your bridge re-cemented there.

Make sure to call ahead to inquire about walk-in availability and to explain your specific situation to ensure they can provide the necessary treatment.

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