How can check a Case of child custody


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To check on a child custody case, here are some general steps you can take:

  1. Gather information: Collect all relevant details about the case, including the names of the parties involved, court jurisdiction, and case number. This information will help you navigate through the court system.

  2. Contact the court: Reach out to the appropriate courthouse or family court where the case was filed. You can usually find contact information online or through a local directory. Inquire about the availability of public access to court records or any restrictions on accessing case information.

  3. Access court records: If the court allows public access to its records, you can access them by visiting the courthouse in person, submitting a written request, or looking up the case online. Some courts offer online databases where you can search for case information using the names of the parties involved or the case number.

  4. Consult an attorney: If you have difficulty finding or understanding the information, consider seeking assistance from an attorney who specializes in family law or child custody cases. They can guide you through the legal process and help interpret the details of the case.

  5. Attend hearings: If you have a specific interest in the case or if you're directly involved, you may be able to attend hearings as an observer. Check with the court regarding their policies on attending hearings and make sure to follow any procedures or guidelines they provide.

Remember, every jurisdiction may have different rules and procedures when it comes to accessing child custody case information. It's important to follow the guidelines set forth by the specific court handling the case.

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Call The County Attorneys office in the state and county that the case is in. You can also contact the department of child based servies. Also known as. DCBS Office. Another option is you can also contact the office of the family court judge that has the child custody case. And, you can contact your public defender's office and give them your child's name because in all family courts the child has their own attorney and the Judge will always appoint the child a public defender's or a county attorney. One of the two will be your child's personal attorney. And if all that fails, Call the child support office. They have access to ALL child cases. Rather they get child support or not. They still go through the child support database

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