Where can i sell my car parts


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There are several places where you can sell your car parts:

1. Online marketplaces: Websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to list your car parts for sale. These platforms have a wide reach and attract a large number of potential buyers.

2. Forums and online communities: There are various online communities and forums dedicated to car enthusiasts and DIY mechanics. Participating in these platforms and listing your parts for sale can help you reach a targeted audience.

3. Local classifieds or newspapers: Many cities and towns have local classifieds or newspapers where you can advertise your car parts for sale. This can be particularly useful if you prefer to sell locally.

4. Local salvage yards or junkyards: If you have used or salvageable car parts, you can contact local salvage yards or junkyards to see if they are interested in purchasing them. These establishments often acquire parts in order to resell or use them in repairing other vehicles.

5. Auto parts stores: Some auto parts stores may be interested in purchasing used or new car parts, especially if they are in high demand. You can reach out to these stores to see if they would be interested in buying your parts.

6. Online classifieds specific to car parts: There are websites dedicated specifically to buying and selling car parts. Examples include and PartsMarket. These platforms allow you to list your parts and connect with potential buyers.

Remember to take high-quality photos of your parts, provide accurate descriptions, and price them competitively to attract buyers.

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