What steps should one take after a car accident?


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Following a car accident, the first thing you should do is dial 911 and get medical assistance if it’s necessary. Then, ensure the crash area is safe and that no one is in any further danger. You will also need to document as much information as possible about the crash and those involved:
  • Get license plate numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and insurance information
  • Get contact information of all passengers and witnesses
  • If the other driver seems to be intoxicated, make note of symptoms
  • Collect all details about the accident itself: what happened, date and time, weather conditions, injuries sustained, and any citations the police issue
  • Note any vehicle problems not caused by the accident, such as bald tires or a faulty headlights
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Sharron B.

Don't panic! It's important to stay calm and be safe. Make sure nobody is injured and that you aren't in danger from moving traffic. If it was just a fender-bender, get the cars off the road. Dial the police. Get an ambulance if anyone is hurt. If you can, collect information about other drivers and passengers involved, but also about what happened and witnesses. Take pictures. Eventually, file a claim....Read More

Gil M.

Immediately following a car accident, you should stop your car and assess your condition and check on anyone else in the car. Call 911 right away. Make sure you are in a safe area and find out about the other driver by exchanging names, phone numbers and insurance information. ...Read More


big steps.


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You'll want to ask on yellow pages what steps should be taken after a car accident.

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Wesli S.

well if you can ask after the accident i'm sure everyone is ok. when the cops show make precise statements not i thought i think or crap like that. this happened that happened and don't worry about what the others say next get a physical checkup from a doctor as soon as possible i would recommend a chiropractor after the doctor. but as your going find a good accident attorney. never talk to insurance adjusters other than to say your not guilty of the cause or you are. Never talk to the opposing insurance company without a attorney of you do you may regret it

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All the info that was already said previously And TAKE PICTURES… of the vehicles as they sit ( before & after moving them) including license plate, of surrounding area, of any injuries to your body, tow truck (so you’ll have their contact info), of anything else you can think of. This will help insurance company and/or attorneys.

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