Does changing the wheels impact the performance of a car?


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YP Answers

Changing wheels can affect the performance of the car. Size, width, and weight are among the factors that affect performance. Some wheels emphasize straight-ahead performance, usually associated with drag racing, while others are associated with performance and handling, while still others are purely ornamental in nature. Tires have much more impact on performance than wheels, however....Read More


tires larger than factory specified can bog the vehicle and reduce performance. the tire almost acts like a gear in the sense that the tire size (larger or smaller compared to factory spec) can cause gear multiplication. if you put a smaller tire size it can make a car feel like it accelerates faster.

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Marian E.

Yes, wheel size impacts the car's performance, fuel economy, noise and comfort. Larger rims and wheels generally lessen a vehicle's responsiveness and make it harder to steer. If wheels and rims are too large, it puts the vehicle at risk of rolling over....Read More

Kelvin R.

My mechanic said wheels can impact the braking, alignment, acceleration, and steering. The larger the wheel, the more easily it transfers the power of the engine to the ground. Just make sure the wheel you get isn't too big for your car....Read More

Wesli S.

the size should be relatively the size of the stock rim to change design or alloy is players choice. I know many with dodge rams that came with 20 inch rims drop down to 18 inch rims if they are looking for speed or performance as the weight is decreased significantly enough they help if you go to the drag strip. In general to put 20s on a car that came with 18s won't kill you and won't kill the car or vehicle as long as your not taking your car mountain climbing.

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No more so than not putting fuel in it. Your welcome.

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