What are the signs of infertility?


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YP Answers

Potential signs of infertility in women include irregular, painful, or lack of menstrual cycles; hormonal issues;  weight gain; changes in sex drive; hair loss; and changes in skin, including heavy acne. In men, potential symptoms include changes in hair growth; loss of sexual desire; swelling, painful, or lumps in the testicles;and erectile and ejaculation issues. Having any of these is not a confirmation of infertility issues, but these symptoms should be immediately discussed with a physician....Read More

Clark O.

Generally, if a couple has been trying to get pregnant for a year without success that's a sign that there may be an infertility issue. For women over age 35, doctors actually recommend checking in with them if you've been trying unsuccessfully for six months. Other signs may be period issues (either super heavy periods or no periods) or symptoms of hormone imbalances like weight, skin, or hair changes. ...Read More

Jaime D.

I know guys who have struggled with infertility and experienced symptoms like low libido, swollen testicles, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation issues. I also know some women who had irregular or heavy periods that turned out to be a sign of infertility, and some even had no period at all. They experienced up and down hormone levels, too....Read More


I no longer have my monthly period and would like to know if I can still have a baby with any kind of treatment

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