How long does paintless dent repair take?


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YP Answers

Paintless dent repair is faster than methods that require sanding, bonding, and painting by eliminating those time-consuming steps. PDR can take as little as one hour, which is often the standard minimum billing increment shops offer. The time to fix your car will depend on the severity of the damage and the competency of the repairman. Most shops provide upfront estimates....Read More

Jeremy H.

If you're only getting one little dent popped out, then the process will probably be done in an hour or so. If you're using PDR for hail damage, it can take as long as three days. ...Read More

Olga G.

If you have multiple dents from a storm or accident, the dent repair may take longer but should be finished the same day. Some dents that are small will just take a few minutes....Read More