What is paintless dent repair?


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YP Answers

Paintless dent repair (PDR)  is an industry standard process that removes dents and other minor surface damage on a vehicle, without damaging the panel or the finish. Usually the dent is pushed out from the rear....Read More

Corey F.

It's a low-cost way of removing a car's dings and dents without affecting the paint job. Not all dents can be fixed this way. I was in a hail storm two years ago and it really messed up my car. Thankfully, the body shop fixed most of it with this technique. It's usually done by accessing the back of the dent and applying slow pressure. It's more environmentally friendly, too....Read More

Erik D.

Paintless dent repair is a repair method that restores the body of a vehicle for a lower cost. Slow pressure is used to pull out the dent. After the dent is pulled out, special tools are used to massage the exterior back to its original place....Read More