Can all types of cabinets be refinished?


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YP Answers

Not all types of cabinets should be refinished, and it’s better that you don’t with some situations. Cabinets that are in poor condition beyond just the finish--i.e. structurally not sound or old and not sturdy--may need more upgrading than a simple refinish. Cabinets that have a vinyl or formica finish should not be refinished as a DIY project. You’ll need to call a professional, and they may need to resurface them or replace altogether....Read More

Reid G.

No, not all cabinets can be refinished. I have laminate ones that you can't sand, strip or even paint because the new coat of paint won't stick on the laminated surface. If you have solid wood cabinets, these can be cleaned, sanded and re-stained or painted for a fresh, new look. ...Read More

Nadia W.

When I wanted to get my cabinets refinished last year, I found out not all types of cabinets can be refinished. Ones made of laminate, metal or thermofoil can't be stripped, sanded or even painted over, so to update my kitchen, my cabinets had to be replaced. ...Read More