What is cabinet refinishing?


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YP Answers

Cabinet refinishing is a common update to the exterior of cabinetry--most commonly in the kitchen. The term refinishing describes the application of new paint or stain on the existing surface material of cabinets. It falls in the same category of superficial repair as resurfacing, though that is sometimes a more complex project involving replacing the old drawer and door fronts with new ones, or installing new veneers. Some sources use the term “refacing” interchangeably for the resurfacing or refinishing processes....Read More

Jason C.

My mom has been looking into refinishing her kitchen cabinets. Basically, it means she's going to repaint her cabinets and install new doors and hardware instead of ripping them all out and replacing them completely. It's much less expensive....Read More

Corey F.

Refinishing involves stripping and sanding the finish off your existing cabinets and restoring or changing the look. Our oak cabinets were very dark and worn. We had them stripped and finished in a light oak color that brightened the kitchen....Read More