Do birds like being in a cage?


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It depends on the type of bird and the conditions in which they are kept. In some cases birds will come to like their cage as their 'home' (nest), and return to it even if they get the opportunity to leave.

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Melanie C.

I work at a pet store, and I can tell you that birds get stressed when they are kept in a cage. I've seen some parrots and macaws that pull out their own feathers....Read More

Harris H.

My friend's bird doesn't like its cage at all. Many birds don't. You can tell your bird is stressed if it has odd and repetitious behavior, like pulling its feathers out or bobbing its head a lot....Read More


Do you like being caged? I personally do not, unless I am caging myself, ie. locking myself in my bedroom or house in order to avoid other living things. What if you were to be caged like some people cage an animal in their own urin and feces, with no love or snuggles feeling like you are a complete and utter failer, how would you feel?

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My daughter owns 13 tropical birds. They love their cages. Two of them won't come out. They all talk to each other and carry on conversations too. Make sure the cage is big enough, put in toys and other things to keep him busy

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