Where did I deposit my $21,000.00


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Hello There!

I am so excited that you posted this because I am someone that is IN YOUR CORNER! I am sorry you had to give your money away to the people that pretended to be me that most defiently did not deserve it in anyway shape or form. I have never asked for a penny from any of you and I am so sorry to tell you this but they have ran way to many scams on me, Mikia Joy Maltby and caused mass amounts of abuse and trama to me and my mother. We have never gotten a thing or had any experence that they said we have and sadly we have been seperated, well, my whole family has been seperated for six years now. I miss them so much and have waited a long time to be back with them and to be allowed to go home.

Your money went to Melissa Goehring Lucero and a few other people that have caused mass amounts of pain to many people and run scams all day long.

I am sorry but thank you so much for thinking of me, I never have met you but I hope one day to.


they hacked my email

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