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i need front headlight assembely for 2007 saturn vue


Have any 05 Ford Explorer. I need right rear wheel bearing assembly


Has anyone tried paintless dent removal on their own? It doesn't look very difficult.


Irwin D.

I've used paintless dent repair on my own several times. The results are not always picture-perfect, but it looks fine most of the time. I've used a knockdown tool for dents on a rail roof, but I didn't use the sharp tips. The pushing technique works best. I fixed dents on rear quarter panels and doors using miscellaneous tools I already had that function the same way as the flatbars, hooks, rods and whale tales in dentless repair kits. ...Read More

What is paintless dent repair?


Erik D.

Paintless dent repair is a repair method that restores the body of a vehicle for a lower cost. Slow pressure is used to pull out the dent. After the dent is pulled out, special tools are used to massage the exterior back to its original place....Read More
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How long does paintless dent repair take?


Olga G.

If you have multiple dents from a storm or accident, the dent repair may take longer but should be finished the same day. Some dents that are small will just take a few minutes....Read More
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