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Can you spay a female dog?


I had breast cancer in 2018 and have been taking the shot prolia an med lexapro daily .do i need to continue to take it.


charge for spaying female dog



Please check with your local veterinarian to obtain an accurate quote for spaying your female dog. Prices may vary based on location, size of the dog, and other factors....Read More

Looking for Gyn in Detroit Michigan



Here are some gynecologists in Detroit, Michigan:

  1. Detroit Medical Center Women's Health Services - Offers a comprehensive range of OB/GYN services.
  2. Henry Ford Health System - Has gynecologists providing expert care to women of all ages.
  3. Hutzel Women's Hospital - Dedicated to women's health and offers a full range of gynecological services.
  4. University of Michigan Women's Health Services - Provides a wide range of gynecological services with the latest equipment and techniques.
  5. Ascension Providence Hospital - Offers a range of OB/GYN services and has experienced gynecologists.

It is important to check your insurance coverage before selecting a gynecologist. You can also check patient reviews to help you choose the right doctor.

...Read More

who is the obgyn doctor at twin lakes