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Does anyone work on Kerosene Heaters?


does anyone want two auto a/c compressors cc (used)


How do I sell my dryer or get rid of it quickly



There are several ways to sell or get rid of your dryer quickly:

  1. Online marketplaces: List your dryer on platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or local buy/sell groups. Provide clear photos, a description of the appliance's condition, and your contact information.

  2. Appliance stores: Check if any local appliance stores accept used appliances for trade-in or offer buyback programs. They may give you credit towards a new appliance or buy your old one directly.

  3. Local classifieds: Place an advertisement in local newspapers or community bulletin boards advertising your dryer for sale. Include your contact information so interested buyers can reach out.

  4. Donations: Consider donating your dryer to a charitable organization or a church that accepts used appliances. This can be an excellent way to help those in need and quickly get rid of your dryer.

  5. Scrap metal dealers: If your dryer is no longer functional, you can contact local scrap metal dealers. They may be willing to pick up your appliance and pay you for the scrap metal components.

  6. Garage sale or yard sale: If you have other items you want to get rid of as well, consider organizing a garage sale or yard sale. This can attract potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing your dryer.

  7. Local pawnshops: Some pawnshops accept appliances in exchange for cash. Contact local pawnshops to inquire if they are interested in buying your dryer.

Remember, when selling or giving away your dryer, always prioritize safety. Make sure to clean the appliance thoroughly, detach it properly from any electrical or gas connections, and prepare it for transportation if necessary.

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where/who do I call to contact social services office in Langdon nd?



To contact the social services office in Langdon, ND, you can call the North Dakota Department of Human Services at 701-662-7034 or visit their office at 807 16th Ave, Langdon, ND 58249....Read More

I need a service center that repairs Kerosene forced heaters



You can try searching for repair centers for Kerosene forced heaters in your location using search engines such as Google or Bing. You can also check the manufacturer's website for authorized service centers that offer repair services for your specific model. You may also ask for recommendations from friends or family who have had similar repairs done in the past....Read More